February 27th . 2019

Playoffs Week 2019

Three of our four playoff games fall this week, with the last being just a quick 90 minute jaunt up north on Friday after school. While that seems unnecessarily exhausting to me, I will say it’s worth it if they play exactly like they did tonight. We didn’t even win, but it was the most enjoyable game I’ve watched (pro or otherwise) lately. In a move we’ve been hoping for for a LONG time, the coaches finally decided to play the boys who try their hardest every other shift (instead of every three). It made a tremendous difference (as I said, enjoyable)! Especially, of course, because Bastien was in that group. We hockey moms posed for pics wearing our matchy handmade hats in celebration of a loss that wasn’t embarrassing for once.

February 25th . 2019

Ms. Melted on Monday

I tried this new “yoga” today. The place had an infrared ceiling (so freaking hot my hair actually felt toasted melty) and music that was painfully louder than the Taylor Swift concert I was last at. Also, the teacher kept cooing “so strong” into her headset at us. Alternating with just calling us, as a people group, “Monday.” As in, “booty feeling it yet, Monday??” We did jumping jacks (just “Jacks” if you’re cool though) for at least five straight minutes in the middle of class. Right, under the infrared ceiling. The teacher also closed class by telling us she loved each one of us so much and she put a cold, eucalyptus-soaked washcloth on our foreheads.

Needless to say, I loved that class.

Forever changed,


February 24th . 2019

Good Thing Going

It just so works out that Bastien’s Saturday morning practice is long enough for me to squeeze in a run of pretty much any length. And, his rink is a stone’s throw away from a decent little two mile cleared path. Or, on the worst days, the indoor running track. Also, all a stone’s throw away from my loyalest running partners. I’ve only recently put all this together, and regular hockey season has only two Saturday practices remaining. But it’s been a highlight for me to squeeze these runs in since I just love it when a logistically good plan comes together. And besides I trust it will continue to work well into future hockey seasons.

February 21st . 2019


Hadley lost her first molar this weekend while eating candy hearts. She actually tried to eat her tooth for a while until she figured out it wasn’t candy. It was one of the most hilarious things that’s ever happened to her. She did not find it hilarious that molars are only worth $2 in this house though.

February 20th . 2019

Feet Blankets

He actually wears them frequently and claims to love them. You have no idea how much that means to my heart.

February 19th . 2019

Mocha Magic

Even though this winter has been completely chaotic with no schedule whatsoever and so much home-bound-ness due to snow days and sick days, I continue to deeply enjoy it. I’ve managed to fit in most of my regularly scheduled workouts. Kept up with all my Easter Dash and retreat planning responsibilities. Only had to cancel one yoga class that makes much difference. Made sure Bastien made it to all important hockey practices and games thanks to my dedicated sister. And reconstructed the MANY Bible study discussions we’ve missed into a succinct new makeup schedule that works. AND. And somehow I’ve still had time to sit down with my mom and a mocha for a match of rummy. It’s some kind of crazy magic, really. But it’s all the lovely truth.

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