December 30th . 2018

Recent Scenes to Ring Out 2018

Larger than life hockey is now in our basement and I’m never turning back.

We had a spa day at my parents’ house complete with masseuse and I’m never turning back from that lifestyle either.

I also have my Reading Around the World project all mapped out for 2019 and I look forward to turning a lot of pages!

Happy New Year, all! Aim high!

December 26th . 2018

Christmas Snapshots 2018

Just a few quick scenes from Christmas Eve and Christmas morning taken from my phone. The rest will come someday. But honestly we’re slothing it for a bit.

December 21st . 2018

The Long Lost Letter

Last year I was searching high and low for the letter Bastien wrote to our cleaning lady for Christmas. I’m so grateful she just texted it to me with a message that says it goes up on her fridge every year for the entertainment of all her guests. And, she puts candy canes on Bastien’s pillow every year. Even Steven.

December 20th . 2018

Holiday Caffeine

The bucket we set out for our package delivery crew all month was slowly depleted, but in the last week things started going more rapidly. It brought us joy every day, seeing what was chosen. Not as popular were the Life Savers and gum. But we do know for sure our mailman liked coming to the porch for a Coke. As I said, this evoked great joy for us.

We also got a tip from Mom to put eggnog in our coffee. It did not pair well at all with Jingle Bell Java (sadly) BUT I have not given up hope and think you should try it, too. So good luck with your driving and shopping and wrapping this weekend. And stay caffeinated!

December 19th . 2018

Keeping it Cheery

I noticed that I’ve pretty much been full-on Christmasy all month long. So I’ll just keep going. I wish I’d taken pictures at my Bible study “not party” because it WAS picture perfect! But I did take pictures of the cookies one friend brought (whose goal it is to bake 25 different cookies for Advent!). And another friend’s herbalist handiwork. One of the many things I just love about being in this group is enjoying the company of many women with different gifts. Such a joy and a gift itself!

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