May 6th . 2019

Our 10th Retreat

It was outstanding. The house did not disappoint. I thought I’d lost Jim once to a fall down one of the spiral staircases. But bruised and all he cooked up some of his very best work. We had a fun mix of very loyal and brand new guests. The sun shone. The fire warmed. The beach walk soothed. We had space to spread out and to commune. Gosh I love these things. This is one of my favorite pictures… it makes me happy seeing the people we’ve brought together being so happy.

May 1st . 2019

Commanders of This Ship

Our sell out retreat just got wilder this week when one person gave up her spot, another person took it then gave it up and somehow two people took that spot (one who will sleep on an air mattress). So close I can feel it! Can’t wait to finally get inside this incredible place with our 20 (gasp!) guests!

April 29th . 2019

New Favorite

Trying to shake up our running rut, what we needed was a destination run. You know, one we could pull off on a Monday morning and still be back home in time to TCOB. This little bakery called Crust in Fenton has become a recent cycling destination in our community, so we decided to check it out ourselves by roping it into a run. Holy cow, that was the best decision in a long while. I will admit though, every future run is going to be a major disappointment if it doesn’t have a ridiculous amount of fresh baked goods at the finish.

April 28th . 2019

Healthy Start to Spring

There’s at least one good thing to being starved of sunshine all winter. And that’s the pep it puts in your step at springtime. Just looking through my recent camera roll shots I find…

Everyone in our house is running.

Bastien’s riding his bike to school!

Hadley’s killing it in spring volleyball.

Bastien’s celebrating spring hockey goals (#3 Rolo).

Mountain biking has heartily begun for at least two of us.

Yee-haw, SPRING!

April 25th . 2019

Spring Break 2019 Final Hike

We ended our trip with an amazing hike in the Indiana Dunes State Park (Trail 9). It started at the nature center which happened to have to world’s coolest geocache outside in a very authentic looking wasps nest! The hike was to a big beach blowout, taking us along the upper rim of the dune. The kids ran down it a few times of course. Mazzy hiked the whole thing on her gimp legs like it was no problem. It was completely gorgeous.

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