March 23rd . 2020

Just Another Quarantined Weekend

In an unprecedented move, we started a 750 piece puzzle. We explored takeout, which frankly felt riskier than necessary. We read in uncomfortable places. We watched a ton of movies together (list coming soon). We ran and Jim chopped wood. Bastien got a surprise team gift delivered to the porch. And most importantly of all, we got groceries for the second week in a row, with almost everything we wanted.

March 19th . 2020

Thursday Quarantine

Today I taught yoga to people and dogs. I took a canvas painting class with Hadley. I ran my 3 miles then rode my bike with Bastien who ran his. I also felt inspired by this Orange Theory challenge and hung it on the fridge. We may or may not start spelling the day of the week with it.

March 18th . 2020

Bible Study Corona Edition

ZOOM was a stellar success at getting my Bible study crew together. I’m so grateful for this! Just look at all this socially distanced togetherness!

Ain’t no Corona gonna bring us down.

March 17th . 2020

St. Patty’s Day New Corona Edition

Hadley asked if she could be the leprechaun this year and submitted some simple requests for chocolate coins, a kettle and Lucky Charms. Magically (like all good leprechaun shenanigans) these items were obtained just before the world went crazy. In fact, the coins were a Hanukkah leftover score at Walmart for 5c per bag of 5! That’s what you call luck of the Irish right there.

(You are peering in on another COVID quarantine day in the life: Minecraft hour with cousins on FaceTime)

March 16th . 2020

New Normal

First Soul Stretch video conference class complete and it was a wild success! Bastien watched and took notes and screen shots for me.

We’ve got a lot of “new normal” kinks to work out around here, but I’m so grateful this one was 100%!

March 15th . 2020

Corona Weekend 1

We have been up to SO much in our isolation. Highlights included our Friday the 13th Moonlight Hike. Putting up the slack line in the front yard and the tent in the living room naturally. Playing games whenever we felt like it. Making lemon bars and pink drinks and pretzels. Running and rollerblading with the whole fam. Church from the couch. Trying out video conferencing as a way to keep Soul Stretch alive. And watching the first two Hunger Games (plus a LOT of old home movies to erase Hunger Game images from our brains). So far, so good.

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