December 22nd . 2019

Sugar Plums

Hadley’s having a pre-Christmas sleepover. Presents have been exchanged (all her friends got her lotion this year, so that’s a tween thing apparently). Taylor Swift has been watched and sang along with. Stars have been viewed from the porch. Frosty the Snowman has been watched. I hear Christmas books being read aloud. And the only picture I have is from the hot chocolate bar.

December 19th . 2019

Hadley’s Snack

Since Hadley’s class gets to lounge all day Friday, she wanted to make a treat to share. She proceeded to rattle off this easy recipe with such authority I didn’t hesitate to go buy the ingredients she required. But when it came time to actually make them and I asked what temp the oven needed to be set to she said, “I don’t know, I made it up.” Totally dumbfounded over here, but it actually worked well enough. Christmas miracles come in little packages.

December 18th . 2019

Clean For Christmas

Our cleaning lady Karen has been with us for such a long time now I can’t even count the years. I appreciate her very much. And the fact that she does this for the kids? Well it just makes me love humanity so very much.

December 17th . 2019

12 Coffees of Christmas

I was so excited to find the 12 coffees of Christmas today for Bastien to make up some treat bags for his many teachers. I’m feeling like if there’s anything a middle school teacher needs right this minute, it’s a pot of their very own festive coffee. I mean really, don’t we all?

December 16th . 2019

Elevation On Our Mind

Taking big steps into an exciting new year! Still haven’t signed on any dotted lines, but after many rapid twists and turns, here are some peeks into what we’ve been studying and striving toward out of the gates in 2020.

December 15th . 2019

41st Year of Middle School Donut Run Club!

When I selected Bastien’s middle school, I was not aware of the longevity of this amazing tradition. But seriously, how cool is it that for 41 years kids have been eager to get to school in the wintertime on Fridays at 6:45am (!) to run 2-3 miles for a donut at the downtown bakery??? It’s Bastien’s new favorite thing. I probably didn’t need to point that out though.

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