January 29th . 2020

Mojo Volleyball

Hadley joined a club team for winter and so far it’s the best. Especially because they only practice one night a week for one hour, 5:15-6:15pm. So refreshing! She does have her first tournament this weekend which is all Saturday long. So we will re-evaluate after that as to how “the best” it is again. But so far, so the best.

January 26th . 2020

Weekend of Winter

We had the best kind of hodge podge weekend. Play dates with many friends for both kids and one that even turned into an unexpected sleepover (Hadley). NHL All-Stars and homemade pretzels (Bastien). Random crafting and even more baking (table hockey game and vegan banana bread (Hadley finally relented to the vegan angle)). Cranking out long run #1 of half marathon training. And a kid swap! Cal for B&H. Cal played with their old toys while they learned how to ski. What a neat thing for a random winter weekend to shape up so wonderfully. This January has quickly become my fave.

January 23rd . 2020

Clue #2 Check

Phew! Two out of four clues officially complete in my Mystery Knit Along! The next one is so daunting, it’s about to turn me into a pro knitter. Wish me luck!

January 20th . 2020

Third Goal Oreo!

It’s been quite a dry season for B but rolling into playoffs he finally picked up his third goal of the season. Phew! We’ve had this Oreo bar in the cupboard to take the place of Tootsie Roll (which he shouldn’t eat in braces) and I was worried it was going to rot. I hope this goal opens the floodgates for playoffs!

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