July 25th . 2019

Vacation Family Photos

It’s rare to have a group shot from vacation since one or the other of us is usually taking the picture. So I cherish these moments from Tobermory. And the last one, just for a laugh.

July 24th . 2019

Our Digs in Tobermory

The cabin we rented in Canada was just too sweet not to give a post all of its own. Ample outdoor seating, a pretty, woodsy yard, and sandy beachfront go a long way in my book. Add on vintage character AND a shed full of wood for s’mores fires (because let’s be honest, that’s what a fire is really for) – and you have pretty much everything that delights me.

July 22nd . 2019

This Is Us In Heaven On Earth

If you asked me to drop everything and go back here, I would. Any time. I’ve never had my breath taken away by a place as much as Halfway Log Dump. Isn’t that a crazy name for a place this gorgeous?

I was captivated by the mountain biker whom we passed on the long dirt road in. He ended up somehow hauling his bike over the rocky beach and swimming in the huge icy Huron waves and it just seemed like real live living to me. I’ll also always remember hiking as far along this coast as we could, climbing high boulders and sometimes getting completely, thrillingly soaked. Also the moment Bastien tried to free solo and another twenty-something climber felt responsible for “giving him a bad idea” and had to lift him down from ten feet high. And last (but not least) none of us will forget trying to go back the next two days in a row, only to be chased out by aggressive, massive fly swarms you wouldn’t even believe.

July 21st . 2019

Last Days of Vacay (Food Edition)

We’re still taking a minute over here to get all our Bruce Peninsula pics in order. But I thought it was pretty funny to note that all my last pictures were of food…

My beloved veggie samosa, that I had to hit the local little bakery at just the right time to score…

All the vegan leftovers in one fridge-clearing evening (grilled broccoli and yam, curried lentils and rice, beans and rice with salsa, and Thai peanut noodles)… yum! … Please also note the Girls Night Out that Jim picked up for me, that provided a laugh nightly.

And of course for the kids, whatever was left that was s’more-worthy!

July 18th . 2019

Tobermory to the Max

We have just been vacationing full tilt here in the Bruce all week. Hopefully next week I’ll be able to share Jim’s pictures to help display the gorgeousness of it all. In the meantime, here are a very few pictures that I’ve taken time to capture. Mostly though, I’ve just been taking it all in with my heart.

July 15th . 2019

Rain On A Canadian Tin Roof

That’s the sound we are bathing in as we get ready for bed. After a day of hiking (that ended in a flood) and so much frisbee chasing. I’m almost done with the bean cookbook. Hadley and I started a coloring project. And I’ve knit a row or two. This is a very good pace of life.

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