March 1st . 2020


There’s this thing Tonka does which is: relentlessly eating your hair while you’re trying to sleep. So while I can’t be sure, I like to think what’s going on here is a bunker-type defense strategy.

February 27th . 2020

Progress Progress

Which will be finished first? My Mystery Knit Along project? Or our new house? At this rate, it will be close.

February 26th . 2020

Best Snow Day Ever

I 100% LOVED starting my day with The Sermon on the Mount. Then I remembered my favorite teacher was teaching yoga, even though my own class was canceled (which meant I actually got to go enjoy her class!) THEN Bastien and I drove over to our new lot to winter hike to a dam we heard was nearby and it was MUCH more magical than I ever anticipated. We have officially named this The Damn Hike and can’t stop immaturely laughing about it. All sports practices got cancelled for the night. The kids played outside for like ever. And I knit for hours by the hot, hot fire. I mean seriously, it doesn’t get any better than all that.

February 25th . 2020

Techie For Lent

Most people these days lay off their technology a bit for lent, but I’m really leaning into it. Daily alarm bumped up 15 minutes, and Bible App set for a daily reading of The Sermon on the Mount. I’m aiming to read it in 40 translations, which would really only be possible thanks to the internet. I am so looking forward to this!

February 23rd . 2020

Trees For The New House

I’m not exactly sure how it will all play out, but for now I’m thinking we just got to make my favorite of all the choices for the new house: which trees stay on the property! This was a fairly easy decision since there were not many that would even be in the “yard” area, and obviously everything within the house boundary has to go. But we tied many ribbons around our border keeper trees.

During this time, Bastien went off exploring on the state park land adjacent to our new property. It became immediately clear to him that this will occupy 99.9% of all of his future time. I have to admit, it might occupy that much of mine as well. Here is a pic he texted me three minutes into his initial exploration!

February 20th . 2020

Working For the Weekend

Hadley got me these for Valentines Day and I’ve been looking at them longingly all five minutes I’ve actually been in my home this week. But now I’m ready to settle in with them and just feel the love (and maybe I’ll make an epic fire in the wood stove and also eat the stack of vegan brownie cream sandwiches Jim gave me as well).

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