January 7th . 2018

Christmas Morning 2017

We had a wonderful white Christmas morning after all, from the quick (late-ish) start, to the very finish. Santa came and delighted everyone’s hearts. Even Tonka, who was caught opening a present beneath the tree (which turned out to actually be for her.) Bastien got Hadley a massaging neck wrap, of which we were all jealous. Mazzy felt a little slighted, which she indicated by aggressively trying to steal everyone’s presents the entire time. The kids both picked out a snowman necklace for me at the school store (unbeknownst to one another). And there was the magic moment when Jim opened his Nintendo Switch from me. Please enjoy that moment yourself. Big surprises all around, and lots and lots and lots of joy.

January 4th . 2018

Gingerbread Ponies and Cowboys

Oops! I so got out of the swing of this blog thing I already dropped the ball! I’ll post two today, just to get that thing rolling again.

Here we are, before Christmas, making Bastien’s gingerbread tale come to life. We even delivered a special package to a local horse-loving friend, complete with a gingerbread pony, a cowboy, and the typed up story. It was fun being sneaky elves and leaving it on her doorstep. But also adorable that Bastien was sure she would want to meet the author. (I insisted we not ring the doorbell on Christmas Eve night).

These pics feel fresh to me still as we just finished eating all those licorice lassos this very day!

January 2nd . 2018

McCauley Christmas 2017

We have got to get back on the horse around here, yeesh! Let me take you back a ways to the first Christmas celebration of our long string of celebrating. I have lost all habit of writing, but luckily we took plenty o’ pics. They pretty much speak for themselves anyway. Especially the handsome one of my brother trying on the various cowls we knit for him. And similarly me looking handsome in my training device provided by my sisters for my high altitude half of 2018.

December 21st . 2017

Peace Out

One of my loving students captured this moment in class when she suddenly thought to turn off her phone. This was a moment I’d long been looking forward to; one of my last real responsibilities of 2017. I’m left feeling immensely grateful for my vocation and my students. And especially for my Lord, Whose birth I am so happy to celebrate now.

With that said, I’m checking out of this space for a little while too. To spend more time looking outward and enjoying His miracles all around.

Peace and so much love to you from me and the rest of the JLBs. Merry, merry Christmas!

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