January 8th . 2020

Let’s Not Forget New Year’s Eve! 2019

Kicking off with a PR-based staggered start 5k created by Bastien (in some of the worst running weather you could hope for, but the BEST attitude and spirit from all invited). Followed by taco bar and margaritas (every race should be followed by this FYI). Also, puzzles, Red Wings, movies, and some great new hourly minute-to-win-its organized by Hadley. I liked this NYE a lot and they unique ways everyone contributed to it.

January 7th . 2020

The Rest of Christmas 2019

McCauley Christmas: featuring Cal’s first Christmas. And hilarious Christmas Eve (going backward) to finish this holiday off. T’was a merry one.

January 6th . 2020

Cousins Christmas 2019

These cousins have been doing this Christmas thing together for a lot of years now. As you can tell by how giant they all are.

January 5th . 2020

Let Me Take You Back To Christmas 2019

Things went pretty smooth around here with lots of delight and a few fun surprises. Probably even more surprising than the shirt Hadley secretly bought Jim right under his eyes at the last hockey tournament, Taylor Swift tickets in Massachusetts, AND a half marathon in D.C. was the bag of scrunchies and Claire’s gift card Bastien secretly purchased with grandpa for Hadley. You just never know what’s gonna rock someone’s Christmas.

December 29th . 2019

On Break

As you can see, we are very busy being leisurely. I did have the wherewithal today to realize a new week is beginning. But only because we had a funday runday Sunday event on the calendar (a documentary screening about a local elite runner at a cool Brighton coffee shop). So, I’ll catch up next week. When I am leisured out.

December 23rd . 2019

Making, Making

The hot chocolate bar has been open 24-7. Wrapping has concluded. The neighbor gifts (NYE wreaths) have been made and promptly delivered. Coach’s gifts handed off. And all my vegan food has been prepped for The Big Day. Because ready or not (we’re ready) here comes Christmas

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