May 14th . 2019

Hadley’s Recorder Concert

The only thing better than a recorder concert is one in which the musician is actually delighted to be there. Hadley has been looking forward to this night for months! She would have been crushed if her teacher didn’t give her an introductory speaking part (seriously who IS this girl sometimes?). She and all her friends at her birthday party even spontaneously sang the do-re-mi versions of most of the concert songs together. Which was just about the cutest thing I’ve ever witnessed. Anyway, the concert has now come and gone. And like every good kid performance is known to do, it made me a little misty-eyed along the way.

May 13th . 2019

Hadley Turned 10! Milkshake Bar.

Her DIY birthday party was an absolute smash. If we could package it up and sell it, I bet we could immediately retire. I’m going to start by talking about her milkshake bar, because really every party needs to have one of these henceforth. It was an enormous hit (her friends will still be talking about this senior year I’m sure), easy enough and very economical. Especially when you consider that the same milkshakes are selling for $15 a pop in Howell. Jim entirely freaked me out the night before by claiming we didn’t have enough ice cream or milk (he dropped this on me at bedtime after he declared weeks before that we had more than enough so I never gave it another thought). But luckily Jim was wrong. And if you want to know, it takes about 3 scoops per person to make a huge milkshake. Or in this case a half gallon of ice cream and less than a half gallon of milk for 8 girls.

PS. Cotton candy is a MUST. If you don’t have it, don’t even bother with the milkshakes.

May 12th . 2019

But First, Mother’s Day

And I do mean “first.” Six in the morning hockey starts (a win! And last game of the season). I got a white rose and Starbucks breakfast out of the deal, too. I also got fairly agreeable kids all day long. With help clearing dishes and walking Mazzy and so many just plain positive attitudes. It really surprised me what my kids were capable of when they put their minds to it. I also got some fabulous creative coupons from Hadley that include a girls night out, a campout, a spa day and a wild card! While Bastien was out walking Mazzy for me, he found two golf balls and insisted on giving me a back rub with one. It was to die for. I got to see and play fun games (Rat a tat cat and Tenzies) with both my dear moms. Had steak and cherry pie for brunch. Chocolate, poetry and coffee gifts from Jim. Plus all-day chauffeuring so I could finish the amazing book I’ve been engrossed in. And I even made it to the candlelight yoga class to top off the day! You’d think waking up at six on “your” day would be disagreeable, but after seeing all the good that can actually fit into that day, my opinion is forever changed.

May 9th . 2019

Party On!

Hadley’s bff 10th birthday party is this weekend. Since I’ve been so busy planning all other events up until this week, today was all about busting my butt getting her stuff in order. As usual, the party promises to be epic. Her theme is diy: complete with a “find a fairy” scavenger hunt that results in making custom fairy gardens and making sweet Mother’s Day cards out of altoid tins. The girls are also making their own pizzas and overloaded milkshakes.

I got the fairy gardens started today by repotting succulents into tea cups then hot gluing tea cups to saucers. And only God knows what a labor of love this was since I detest gardening and always get third degree burns with the glue gun.

May 8th . 2019

The Talk

I don’t really know if I’m late to the game, or average, but I decided on this night when I attended middle school orientation for Bastien, and when Hadley’s just about to turn 10, that we should get all our facts straight. I’ve been dreading this for a while.

I read to Bastien over half the content in one sitting and he was such a gracious listener – absolutely zero uncomfortableness at all, and he even cracked a funny joke. Oh thank God for this boy. Hadley will begin Monday probably. But since she gags at the words “uterus” and “womb” it might be a different story.

PS. This book is authored by The Magic School Bus author, and it is perfect.

May 7th . 2019

Let Me Tell You About A 33 Mile Bike Ride

What do you do immediately after the most exhausting weekend of your life? You wake right up and ride the longest ride of your life. This was our makeup date for our rainout anniversary plans. I would like to say it was so much fun, but truthfully a lot of it was just plain grueling. That is just a long time (over 3 hours) and a lot of hills (almost 1,500 elevation gain) on a bike. The good news is Crust was still fantastic. And we survived. That’s the other good news. Along the way I was thinking it takes about 15 years of marriage (but more specifically 11+ years of parenting) to even begin to have the endurance for this ride. And I’d like to say I’d do it all over again in a heartbeat (this ride). But my butt says definitely not.

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