June 12th . 2018

4th Grade Economics Day

Ladies and gentlemen, I would like to present you with the typical products sold at 4th grade Economics Day. All dollars raised go to this class’s 5th grade camp fund…

There you have it, a couple games, LOTS of painted rocks, pencils made from paper, bath bombs and bookmarks. Lots of bookmarks. The occasional “prank candle”.

And then, exhibit B:

Bastien’s “Putt Putt Principal.”

Yes, that is for real a picture of the principal’s noggin.

Yes, Bastien killed it with this project.

June 11th . 2018

Mother’s Day Morning 2018

I never really got to talk about this year’s Mother’s Day. It was perfect. From my early morning run with my own mom. To my custom QR code card made by Bastien. Plus a freshly perfumed duct tape rose and other special surprises from Hadley. And even a brand new (and much mightier) cowbell!

I remember a preschool-era Mother’s Day when I went for a walk by myself so I could cry in frustration alone. This Mother’s Day was nothing like that.

June 10th . 2018

Summer Prep

Making a regular dinner plan this month and using Kroger’s Clicklist to get grocery shopping done has literally changed my life. It has given me clarity to make other plans; namely summer structure. Throughout the summer, I fully intend to immerse our kids in daily purpose before any device is ever turned on in this house. I’m so grateful for the Disney Circle device we have in place that enables me to pause everything until all criteria is met. I am feeling much more militant than my usual self, but I think that’s just the age stage we’re at.

In other news, Bastien is willing and able to mow the lawn now! Again with the life changer.

I made a pitcher of sweet cream for my coffee this weekend. This is only related because I had the time and wherewithal to do such a thing because of above mentioned life changers. Looks like I’m all set for sweet summer mornings. One more week!

June 5th . 2018

One Happy Hockey Mom

Bastien stressed his hardest and tried his hardest these last weeks, trying out for next year’s hockey. I am over the moon excited to report that he has made the Renegades for the 2018-19 season and I cannot wait for him to wake up and celebrate his very hard work! Cowbell up!

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