April 20th . 2020

Filling Space

I know someday I will look back and wish I had written more about the time of quarantine and pandemic. So to future self I say, remember how good it felt just to stare out the window, or name the birds on the porch, or realize you could in fact sit with Hadley through all of her hours of math struggles because there was nothing else pressing to get to? I say, remember when ever single food storage shelf of your house was packed to the brim because Jim took care of you so well? But then you all had to worry that possibly everyone in the house would get sick in the because of that grocery trip. Remember when you felt never freer and never so completely trapped all in the same hour? You see, future self, it’s just an exhausting thing to write about.

April 12th . 2020

Easter 2020 Part 1 – Porch Visits

Just like every other day of quarantine thus far, our Easter weekend had it’s ups and downs. But it was fairly joyous, all things considered. Here are a few snapshots of things like visiting and being visited, Easter Bunny style. And Easter decorating in its various forms. What is not pictured are the Zoom Olympics where we narrowly missed an ER visit due to a sprinting wipeout. Also a brief Beaubien family zoom. Many rousing games with Grammy over VR on “diffuse the bomb”. And, an all-family House Party sesh to round out the weekend. Also, a very long, but hope-filled online church. Mostly, there was a LOT of food prep and eating, which was particularly notable being 15 days post-grocery shopping. We’ll get up some food pics at a later date because I will never forget the way it truly seemed like manna from heaven!

April 9th . 2020

Decorating For Mom’s Birthday

We snuck over to my parents’ house this week to decorate the porch for a very special quarantine birthday. It was definitely one of the more exhilarating activities we’ve engaged in within the last month. Hiding from the Ring doorbell in particular. I got the very sweet selfie at the end of this photo thread the next day.

I thought my mom did a very good job of celebrating. Among the many parts of her day: She ran on airpods with me… She spent an hour shopping online via FaceTime with Hadley… And she took a virtual trip around Michigan with Bastien. That’s actually pretty awesome when you think about it.

April 6th . 2020

Still Got The Brawn

I planted the idea that Bastien may not be able to climb a rope anymore since it’s been a long time since his last go. He had to get right to making sure I was incorrect. In between a MTB ride on the local Loop of Pain, and a 5k sub 8 run. Like ya do.

April 5th . 2020

Quarantine Weekend Roundup #4

Hadley is suddenly driven to earn enough money for an iPad. She cleaned all our bathrooms better than a pro, and the cars we are no longer driving are spic-n-span too.

I laughed at myself for making my last unquarantined public appearance one to buy bird seed. Let me tell you, that’s been the best entertainment I’ve had all these weeks so far, AND makes me get out of bed in the morning because I know they’re all counting on me.

Hadley got a bee in her bonnet to create an amazing mask this weekend and we pretty much spent all of Saturday doing this. Hers is made with Great-grandma B’s fabric scraps bought at Hudson’s in the 1960s!

We had our first family Zoom game night and it was just what the doctor ordered (after we got the bugs worked out, naturally). We also had a grueling but therapeutic 10k run from home followed up by church on the front porch. We’re getting by all right!

March 29th . 2020

Weekend Recap

All I have to say is: Throw the Stick Off the Porch Game and Jim-made vegan cinnamon rolls were the start and finish of my weekend (with a puzzle finish, a Scrabble win, the third week of virtual church, and a kids-made virtual reality arcade in the mix). And for quarantining, it was all pretty darn good.

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