March 6th . 2018

Baching Again

Jim has jaunted off to San Francisco and left me to fend for myself this week. The exact second (I wish I was exaggerating) he stepped out the door, all hell broke loose.

Espresso explosion in the freshly cleaned kitchen. Awesome. I can truly only hope that this follows the whole lion-lamb rule.

March 5th . 2018

Quarter Roll!

For anyone keeping track, Bastien got his seventh goal of the season last weekend. It would not be official if I actually saw it (pretty sure I’ve missed every goal so far). But I saw the tail end of it, and witnesses claim it’s true. I also saw his celebration and his lingering-to-this-day delight, and that’s the best part anyway.

March 4th . 2018

Dude Life

After yet another snow day on Friday, I enjoyed the rare treat of staying home with Hadley while the boys were at hockey. It was two glorious hours of Mario Kart and cookies. Both mind numbing and sweet (in both meanings of the word). And like, for a few hours, I totally understood dudes.

February 28th . 2018

Sneaky Sneaksters

We just couldn’t help it. When it’s 60 degrees in February, you ride your mountain bike. But after going through the fifth (or so, who’s counting?) mud section (putting the trail at risk for ruin), I felt pretty bad about it. Please don’t tell on us. We did our best to leave no trace. Besides the mounds of guilt, that felt spectacular. I’m pretty stoked for this MTB season.

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