November 3rd . 2019

Do What You Love. Love What You Do.

Everyone, the 11th JLBs retreat was like floating on a raft on a sunny day. I mean the sun never actually shone. And Jim and I worked our tails off to make a memorable and quality retreat experience. But somehow it felt only glorious and supremely restful. I guess that’s what happens when God gives you a theme like “Selah” to work with (a word used in Psalms to indicate a pause/rest/moment to ponder). I could do this work endlessly.

New and instantly loved this time around was: all-Vegan meals (Jim did an amazing job!), silent prayer circle, postures to an all-Psalms playlist, and blanket making for hospitalized children (google Fleece & Thank You!)

October 30th . 2019

Major Award

To finish out his amazing first cross country season, Bastien was presented the sole 6th grade boy’s award: Future Star. He was selected by his upper class teammates for his fastest times, very hard working ethic, and overall passion for the sport and team. He gets to keep this trophy all year long (which he was so proud of, he carried into our next stop (CVS) like the Stanley Cup). I was no better… I rearranged it on his shelf a dozen times into the most prominent position possible exactly like the dad with the leg lamp in A Christmas Story.

Reflecting on his accomplishment, Bastien claimed it cost him gallons of sweat. And it was so worth it.

Pictured above is his huge sixth grade boy’s team, which is also really quite impressive isn’t it? This middle school and this experience were two very fulfilling experiences for which we will always be grateful.

October 29th . 2019

Carving Party 2019

It got epic this year. People arrived with solid game plans. Friends came. The awards were hand-selected by Bastien and the party decor was set up by Hadley. And I’m just so pleased to show you how it went!

PS. Bastien’s pumpkin (which won the “most gross” category) is a pooping butt. I am sorry.

PPS. He’s a 12 year old boy.

October 27th . 2019

2019 Wicked Halloween Run

I got really excited about this race because for a minute I thought our entire family would be at it. We ended up missing a few, but those that were able to run it were very impressive with many age group awards won (Mom, Brandon, Bastien), with near PR performances by all. Bastien did claim his best 10k with a 44:48 and he was so excited to rep Milford CC around Plymouth with his pal, Joey. Hadley was insistent on the 5k (and luckily her toe ended up NOT being fracture after all!) so after I ran the 10k I helped her complete her 5k while Jim and Dad ran their hardest in it. And even though the weather was truly wicked all night leading up to the race, we had a decent enough day for it. Good memories, no regrets! (And we all got a pretty great new Halloween shirt, too).

October 24th . 2019

The Leaves

I’m sure you’ve noticed too. But holy moly the trees are so showing off right now! I’ve never in my life pulled over on the side of the road to take a picture of a tree until today. That might be a lie. But it’s been a while at least, and it just feels amazing to be wooed like that. Happy fall!

October 23rd . 2019

Official Race Photos

I’m glad Newport provided free finish line photos because it was the most memorable moment of two days of racing. I’m just surprised that we are not actually literally flying in them. Because that’s what it felt like.

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