October 9th . 2017

Terrorizing 10k

A new PR for Bastien! A first time 10k for Diana! A couple of age group placers! The final quarter mile through the haunted forest! This race was absolutely the perfect kickoff into October…

(Please forgive me for putting the wrong race name on Bastien’s PR pic. I get a little nutty when I’m excited.)

PS. For some reason my mind started singing, “sugar, sugar, sugar in my body… (repeat)” for the last mile or so. It was hilarious. And helpful!

October 8th . 2017

You Know What This Means, Right?

We had a very exciting weekend up in here! Bastien set a weekend goal to get a goal at each hockey game (Friday night and Sunday morning) and sure enough he did it! He also got an assist and a good post dinger. You bet that was exciting! We had a good time tracking down his rewards after the games. Here’s his season recap, to-date. Pretty soon he will have diabetes at the rate he’s going; so we oughtta be thinking of some sugar-free rewards right quick…

October 4th . 2017


This my friends is a celebration.

Since school began the kids have earned the privilege of washing and folding their own clothes. It started out a teensy but rough when I opened a drawer that first week to discover I neglected teaching folding. But that was nothing a quick folding board purchase from amazon couldn’t help. 

And here we are, three weeks later without my having to touch their laundry again. 

If you’re wondering, this comes at a cost to me of $1 per week per kid. Flipping genius, that’s what I am.

October 3rd . 2017

Same Place, Same Time

Part of the back-to-school routine has involved getting back into my very perfect running rhythm. It’s a simple thing, so I take it far too often for granted. I love starting and ending the week with my Mom at the same place, same time. And she, by the way, has gotten quite speedy this year.

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