July 7th . 2019

Fourth of July Happenings

My Facebook memories shamed me, I’m not gonna lie. The last couple Fourth of July weeks have been epic and I can’t believe how much activity we were up for in our youth. It seems like I spend almost all my mental energy by 10am (which is less than an hour after kids awaken) just refereeing the fights. But, BUT, after more carefully reviewing my camera roll, it appears we were up to quite a lot since last Tuesday, really.

Including: pneumonia!… the annual 4th of July lemonade stand (net profit over $40 in 2 hours!)… football and fireworks at the ‘rents… kombucha restock (cherry for July) with first-ever help!… Milford dinner out (The Bar) and putt putt… the best birthday party at the lake… a couple tough runs with Jim… and hanging out in the hammock beside the two brands I most wish would sponsor me this summer.

July 2nd . 2019

Quick Trip, Quick Pics

We Subarued over to Saugatuck at 9am Tuesday morning to celebrate Jim’s big 4-2. It was completely fantastic — as soon as we arrived the sky cleared up and the temps soared for the best possible beach day. Oval Beach brought back wonderful memories and we enjoyed the tasty food we picked up from The 4.5 star Farmhouse Deli in our beach chairs. As luck would have it, the beach concession stand was also having a slushy sale so I made sure to treat the kids. Bastien was a bit outraged that I didn’t also treat Jim, until I reminded him of Jim’s vegan cupcakes PLUS Farmhouse carrot cake and macaroon (I knew you were worried he would be stuck with just the vegan cupcakes). After all that we stopped by the super sweet 4.5 star The Southerner for dinner and watched the storm roll in while playing Connect Four and Sorry, and eating our amazing southern food in the screened in porch overlooking the river. It was pretty magical. We drove out in the storm and were safe at home by 9:30pm.

Jim planned himself a pretty stellar birthday and I’m so glad we could all take part.

July 1st . 2019

Happy Birthday to Jim! Here’s a Plant on a Plate!

I spent all day preparing for this week’s upcoming picnics since even after my 30 days challenge is up, I’M STILL VEGAN! That means being ready with food to take everywhere that is nourishing and will last a whole day (since most party foods are not at all vegan-friendly). And, while I was doing all that, I made Jim these delicious vegan chocolate cupcakes for his birthday. They are made with sweet potatoes. They really are good, especially the frosting! But yes I recognize how selfish they actually are – so if you see him, wish him a happy birthday and maybe toss him some dairy or meat.

June 30th . 2019

Laying Low

I can’t even believe Mazzy is not here anymore. It is a very low thought every time I suddenly realize it. We spent a good deal of the weekend being quite lethargic about her death (peaceful though it was). I keep trying to console myself with all the things that were a major struggle for her in the last month; not even being able to lift her tail (my sad Eeyore), not being able to manage a quarter mile walk, and falling down the stairs many times (just for example). I know it was her time and she deserved to rest. But I have a very gaping hole in my heart over losing her. She was such a true love.

June 27th . 2019

So Long, My Love

Friday afternoon we are sending Mazzy off to her rainbow bridge. Her health has rapidly declined this week, in this 100th+ dog year of her life. To say my heart is broken is a massive understatement. But I do know that hanging on any longer is completely my selfishness. I hope some day to be able to formulate more honoring thoughts for our vet-proclaimed “neat little dog,” but for now I need some time and space for real, deep grief as I kiss and hug my most loving friend for the last time.

June 26th . 2019

With My Homies

Can I just say, there is a lot of good stuff going on around here? That doesn’t mean that all is roses all the time. Heck no. But it does mean that there is joy all around and we’re doing our best to be in it.

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