September 12th . 2018


Since we’ve been National Parks junkies as of late, we started collecting patches to remember our many mountain climbs together. It’s actually been tougher than mountain climbing just getting these patches onto the kids’ backpacks and I finally had to resort to some majorly toxic glue. One of Hadley’s patches still fell off on the first day! I won’t be beaten at this game. Whatever doesn’t kill ya… (toxic fumes and all)

September 10th . 2018

Rain or Shine

Routine is BACK.

Happy to report by some magical and mysterious force, I logged more running miles in August 2018 than the previous year. Considering the humidity led me into “bare minimum mode” this was no small accomplishment.

T-40 day’s till half marathon time!

September 9th . 2018

See I told You

This weekend I had the absolute pleasure of watching my son play starting center for the 2007 Kensington Valley Renegades. It is a whole new level, let me tell you, to see him out on the ice EVERYWHERE AND ALL THE TIME. It is practically worth what we are paying for ice time.

(Speaking of bleeding money… One of Bastien’s teammates broke his stick during one of the games this weekend. So now it is mandatory for every player to bring TWO sticks to every game. To the delight of every 11 year old Renegade; and to the horror of their parents.)

September 5th . 2018

Back to School Groove 2018 100%

School started without a hitch. Well, except for Jim’s camera battery being dead. Otherwise, everything is 100% back in the groove. Bedtime starts at 8:00 this year with lights out at 9:00. Wake up is at 7:30 and the very best part of all is that it is managed by our servant Alexa. She appears punctually in each kid’s room with an announcement to “Wake up” (and in Bastien’s case, “wake up wake up wake up. Wake. Up.”. She announces the weather for the day. She tells a fun fact. And she plays a song or two… Currently, T. Swift for Hadley and “C is for Cookie” for Bastien. Alexa is 100% more patient than I. And most importantly, effective. And school days have never been more wonderful.

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