October 30th . 2018

Pumpkin Carving 2018

Now that we’ve eliminated the “worst” pumpkin category (thanks to Jim putting his foot down), we’ve got ourselves a fun little party again. The best part, of course, is always Jim trying to figure out how to take the group shot. He never lets us down.

Oh yes, a fun new addition was piñatas on hockey sticks. And smashing them across the living room. With hockey sticks.

This year’s winners:

Best: Hadley’s Harry Potter

Grossest: Bastien’s all teeth

Silliest: Brandon’s text winky

Spookiest: Diana’s thick masterpiece

October 28th . 2018

Game Heavy

Our weekend was so game-heavy I’m still a little croaky. We kicked things right off Friday night with our favorite Azalea Bullets (they’ve made their name a little fiercer). We even saw some volleys! This was huge progress over the previous week! Hadley was having an off night because she got a black eye on the playground right at the end of the day bumping heads with someone. So naturally she was a little nervous the whole time about the ball hitting her face. But she at least braved the game and we had so much fun cheering her team on to their first set win!

October 24th . 2018

Tunnel Vision

First off, I loathe this picture. I look every bit as slow and pained as I felt. I also look exactly like my grandpa. Exactly.

All that aside, I’m grateful for the reminder. You see, it was shortly before this picture was taken that I was convinced that I was going running blind. It’s a thing. I don’t know the technical term, but it happens to ultra runners. Which makes it all the better that I thought it was happening to me. My whole body was falling apart, why not my eyes as well?

It appeared to be that the lower half of my vision just vanished shortly after stopping to stretch. This was also when I became separated from the small pack I had been running with (and also sharing head lamp power with). I contemplated this for a good while actually. Looking at that light beam out ahead of me in its small half arc. Wondering when the top arc would disappear leaving me in complete darkness.

Finally, I realized it was just the shadow from my visor out there ahead of me and NOT encroaching blindness after all. I’d like to say I felt relieved, but mostly I just spent the next few miles feeling so dumb for even considering myself in the same realm with ultra runners for whom this is actually a thing. And now, now that some time has passed, I’m happy to have this ridiculous little story to tell. Something good from the disaster that was my race.

October 23rd . 2018

MiSCA State Championships 2018

You have probably already heard me shout this out loud to the entire world, but while I was away running last weekend, Bastien was up north “Kicking ass” (as instructed by his hockey coach) at the last bike race of the season. He cranked out first place again, earning him third place on the overall series podium! This is amazing considering he missed one race entirely, raced another straight from a hockey game, and crashed head-first on cement in yet another race in the short six-race series. Actually, first and second places tied in points, and Bastien was only five points away from them (this is almost as close to a three way tie as you can get). But what’s more surprising than all this is that while he was collecting his awards on Sunday he announced his retirement from bike racing to Jim. Apparently it’s too “intense”. Since then, he’s resumed his daily mile+ run before school. I don’t know what to think of all this, but I sure am proud of him.

This last picture is from a previous (and warmer) race day. But I just love it so I’m putting it here in my proud post too.

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