August 7th . 2017

Ice Ice Baby

Bastien’s new hockey season has begun. In fact it started at breakneck speed, with three back-to-back 90 minute practices. This is exhausting, if you didn’t know. 

The new coach is a retired pro, so that’s exciting. He also means business. Like really. So that’s exhausting too. 

But I’m pleased to say Bastien made it through week one and still had energy left over for long days of hard physical work in the other passions of his life. I sense a strong season coming on! Go Renegades! (I’ve gotta get used to my new cheer. Thankfully the old cowbell still works).

August 6th . 2017

Crazy Mack Trail Update!

After a couple year’s effort, and especially a recent big push, our home mountain biking trail is COMPLETE! So many cool features, including a massive dip and a jump with a viewing platform. My favorite thing is the recent conversion of the cabin into a beverage shop (even if there is currently an underground bee hive in said cafe). And I also love the kiosk with the hand drawn map. We have a big birthday bash to hold here next Saturday, so I’m especially delighted that the course is in ship shape. Kudos to my Kings of the Mountain for getting ‘er done!

August 3rd . 2017

How American Girl Magazine Continues To Enhance Our Lives

Hadley made these peanut butter bites from the recipe guide. Um, yum!

The magazine also lays out some great outdoor ideas for Bastien’s upcoming birthday party, oddly enough.

And just for adorableness, it contains a tiny magazine replica that you cut out and put together for your American Girl Doll. Aw!

And on a side note I saw this at a coffee shop and I just wanted to drop it on you for the weekend. Enjoy! (PS. If you make some, you must bring one directly to me).

August 2nd . 2017

Hikin’ In The Hood

We’ve made quite a good trade! We return our neighbor’s wandering dog about once a week. In exchange, we get to cut through his amazing property to Proud Lake State Recreation Area. About a half mile shortcut that saves us two miles of hoofing it! This is very exciting. Here are a couple snapshots of our first foray. 

Our wonderful neighbor says he will be cutting down the path even better for us. And, he promised the kids a 100 pound pumpkin from his patch! 

I fully expect to wake up in the morning to discover this post nonexistent and this entire deal a dream.

August 1st . 2017


This long streak of perfect summer weather means I haven’t taken a rest day in, gosh, I don’t even know! Pushing two weeks I think. My body is super duper tired. I’m so glad the kids are in sailing camp still and this means I can jump into a lake at the end of the day. Note to self: make a way to make this happen more often!

Here’s to all my recent sweaty endeavors, and the people I love to sweat with!

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