March 7th . 2019

Reading Progress

I was just so excited that Hadley got this surprise world map in the mail (we really can’t figure out why she got it). We laid it right out on the counter and I thoroughly enjoyed looking around at all the countries I’ve “visited” in my reading this year. Having such a long way to go doesn’t feel daunting at all – I’m really loving and looking forward to keeping up this year-long adventure.

March 6th . 2019

Hot Yoga

I’ve been doing a lot of this lately. Related: Bastien asked me to look at the March calendar in his room on which hero Dylan Larkin touts the benefits of hot yoga in his own training plan. This prompted me to launch into a sales pitch to Bastien, whom I think could benefit from this practice as well. Bastien responded, sincerely and with not a hint of sarcasm: “when would I have time for that?” Boy makes a good point.

March 5th . 2019

Teeth Tease

I keep not understanding what’s happening next at the orthodontist. So we keep getting all ready for the big day. Including posing for “one last pic” of the old smile. Meanwhile, Bastien is literally rattling with fear. And then we go in and they’re like, “oh, spacers!” Or, “oh appliance!” This might be good, because somehow “appliance” is a relief. So he’s learning to talk and eat again. And I’ve officially got April 8th on my calendar for the real deal.

March 4th . 2019

Make Up Snuggles

Tonka attacked me this weekend. We were having a disagreement over knitting. I am left with a 4″ gash on my arm BUT she didn’t eat the knitting project, so I win. She insisted on keeping me warm and cozy during my afternoon meditation today. So, I guess we’re all good again.

March 3rd . 2019

Devices Bring You Closer

It seems like our hibernation season is nearing its end. Which makes snuggling on the couch feel extra precious to me. There was definitely an irresistible gravitational pull coming from all couches this weekend when we weren’t playing hockey (still plenty of that!), running, and running important errands.

And while this particular devise-fest was going on, I couldn’t help but think of the irony. Devices get so much flack for pulling us apart, yet here we all are as physically close as we can possibly get.

February 28th . 2019

Best Wings Date Night

I’m not gonna lie. You know you’ve been hard up for a date night when watching your team lose 8-1 still classifies as a good time. Shout out to the couple married 58 years sitting next to us! Absolutely the best seatmates a girl could ever ask for. It only got funnier every time you “changed the channel” after each otherwise painful goal. Thanks for humoring me by looking at a few pics of our kids on my phone, too. And thank you especially for so generously offering me some of your chew. For real. I love you guys the most of all other Red Wings fans in the history of Red Wings fans. Thanks be to God for placing you beside us for a few hours of the best date night in recent history.

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