February 9th . 2020

We Are Making Choices!

It feels a little more exciting now that we are making material decisions for our new home. Bricks, shake, stone, picked!

February 6th . 2020

Muir Ski Club

We may be a little late to this party, but middle school ski club is a pretty good gig all around. Both kids stumbled upon one of their besties, which left Jim and I to hang out inside by the fire together! Having a friend around encouraged Hadley to do the lift slopes (which she wouldn’t do Wednesday without a parent). AND it costs just $20. Those new skis are really paying for themselves. Ha! But for real, I’m glad this club is a thing and we still have a few more Thursdays left to enjoy it.

February 5th . 2020

Renegades Regular Season 2019-2020

I don’t know why I’ve been such a negative Nelly this hockey season, when in reality the Renegades have been doing just fine. My only excuse is they kicked off the season with a tournament, which almost always means getting your butt kicked repeatedly in the early morning and late night hours all weekend long, setting a certain unfortunate tone for the season. Well. All that aside we shaped up quite nicely and have just four teams to beat in the playoffs. First game was Wednesday night and we just shut them right out with a 4-0 win! Two of the other teams on our playoff schedule we have played recently – and either unmercifully beat, or tied. So this next month should be pretty exciting. Which is a great prospect for the end of winter, if you think about it.

February 4th . 2020

Super Ski Day

After relentless begging from Bastien and an offer to pay for it out of his own pocket, I finally agreed to taking him skiing Sunday right after church and before the Super Bowl game. Hadley had a free pass from her Cold is Cool Michigan 5th graders passport so it really felt like a deal. Plus we had scored some great new (to them) skis on Facebook Marketplace the Friday before and I realized if we don’t get our money’s worth out of them THIS month it probably wasn’t worth it.

I must say I was amazed at they confidence, competence, and bravery of my kids! I was really glad I relented and thoroughly enjoyed a warm afternoon at the bottom of the slopes.

February 3rd . 2020

Super Bowl Veg Edition

So this was my first year as a JLB without wings on Super Bowl Sunday. Jim had his famous wings though, don’t you worry. But for me he prepared: vegan queso, guacamole, salsa, pan fried broccoli, other assorted dipping veggies, and holy cow the most amazing olive oil chocolate chip cookies that I’ll never stop thinking about.

Hadley made pizza shaped like a football that she drew out in church. Bastien made break-and-bake peanut butter cookies. I sorta really love that everyone got in the cooking spirit.

February 2nd . 2020

Mojo Mania

Hadley’s first foray into a club sport has gone pretty ok. Honestly, the only reason we gave it a shot was because the practice schedule was much more reasonable than the rec league. Weird. I’m feeling very proud of her participation this weekend in her first-ever tournament (which is code word for volleyball all day long in a loud and shrieky building). Once she got some lunch in her she began to dramatically improve and had lots of nice serves and contact with the ball. Her team was really standing up against the sixth grade teams by the end too. We get two more tournaments next month and then the season’s all done. What will be most interesting is if MOJO starts cheering like all the other teams. I 50/50 hope so.

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