January 8th . 2019

Gray Christmas

For Christmas this year, Jim and I gave one another a fantastic new washing machine and new siding.

And I could not be happier!

January 7th . 2019

Instantly In Love

You guys I wanted an instant pot so badly for Christmas AND I GOT ONE! I also am a weensie bit afraid to use it. But getting there. We’ve bravely tried out a Hawaiian chicken recipe, a tortilla soup and spaghetti so far. The only winner of the three is spaghetti, which Bastien has asked to have for lunch and dinner every day since I made it. I just know I’ll start picking more winning recipes any second now. And that totally makes me happy. You know how I’m a sucker for one pot wonders!

January 6th . 2019

Two Weeks Off

Wow two weeks is a loooong time. I do not even know if we will remember what to do on a school day again. What we do remember well is hockey. Including watching and playing it in every single form. On the big screen in the basement? Yes! On the medium screen in the living room? Yes! 3v3 tournament? Yes! Mini sticks in the basement? Yes! Regular old practice? Yes! Many! Scrimmage? Yes! And lastly, from our favorite suite J…


January 2nd . 2019

Christmas Eve 2018

A glimpse into our glitzy Christmas Eve… we were all there and looking our finest. Hadley was especially proud of her Santa dress and curly curls. And especially in love with her Santa onesie and reindeer. And even though his cover’s blown, Hadley STILL would not go within ten feet of Santa. Lucky for her sweet brother, or she would not have been able to wear that favorite onesie home!

January 1st . 2019

NYE 2018

What you won’t see here is the all day intense action on the ice leading up to these moments. A 3v3 tourney is ca-razy, people. Hence the lying around and chilling out for our celebration pictured here.

We had every snack Costco carries. We puzzled past midnight. We watched the Wings lose a predictable shoot out loss. We wrote out some resolutions (hello “reading around the world” “making the Rebels” and “trying not to get in trouble”!!) We even played a little euchre which Diana informed us she hates 100%.

Most of our New Years key players were here but somehow many are not pictured. Yes we were too tired to open our camera apps. But it was still just perfect, just like always.

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