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February 5th . 2019

Grandma Rau is 87

I’ve been setting aside February 5th to be with my grandma on her birthday and I’m so grateful the weather cooperated! I slid in to her kitchen at 10:30 to play rummy which I desperately wanted to NOT win but … Continue reading

February 4th . 2019

Super 5k

Most of you are familiar with this news, but I just have to put it here for safe keeping. Our family running streak continues and it’s just about my favorite thing ever. We all rocked the somewhat slippery Super 5k … Continue reading

February 3rd . 2019

Super Spread 2019

TheJLBs Super Bowl spread is always a home favorite and this year did not disappoint. Of course there were Hadley’s deviled eggs (fancifully piped even!). Jim’s Wings, natch. But this year he also had the green light at Trader Joe’s … Continue reading

January 31st . 2019

Heart Check

I don’t know you guys. In the month of January I had two panic attacks (one while driving, one the whole while trying to sleep. So yeah, fun). And it’s all about my heart. It just feels pained. I actually … Continue reading

January 30th . 2019


In the past 13 days, thanks to a holiday, snow days, ice days, below zero days, and a sick day, Hadley’s been to school for exactly 1/2 day. This has somehow culminated in many many play dates with the neighbor, … Continue reading

January 29th . 2019

Occasional Knitter

I have this ball of yarn that I love. I’ve been starting projects with it and then ripping them right back out. Just can’t figure out what it wants to be. Presently I’m working on a shoulder wrap for Hadley. … Continue reading

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