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December 4th . 2019

Best Costume That Never Was

We have cracked the running costume code! It’s $7 most-comfortable-leggings-of-all-time-from-Walmart! I mean running is already a major commitment so obviously running in a costume has just been out of the question. Until these bad boys came on the scene. Game … Continue reading

December 2nd . 2019

I Present To You

One of my favorite photos from Thanksgiving day. It gives me a sigh of relief to see that we in fact did not push Jim too far with our “get up at 4:30am and drive us to Detroit and escort … Continue reading

December 1st . 2019

Scenes From A Turkey Tourney

(Actually the Silver Sticks) We had four games in Midland with a little break in the middle to catch a Red Wings game in Detroit. If you’re keeping track, that’s so much hockey and so much driving.

November 25th . 2019


Like once a season Jim and I run together. He gave me a buff that matches his (Different color. Not shown). We even share Airpods. It’s adorable.

November 24th . 2019

Slime Limey Wrap Up

Hadley’s third volleyball season has come to an end. A pretty good one despite a little hiatus when she thought she fractured her toe. And also that they barely won. But their team had a lot of laughs together and … Continue reading

November 21st . 2019

Blender Magic

I’ve been loving our blender for such a long time. Even though the display hasn’t worked in years, it otherwise never fails me. And now it has leveled up, with the discovery of a squash soup recipe that changed my … Continue reading

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