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October 7th . 2019

Best Thing Since Sliced Bread

My car is finally in the shop from the deer incident. So I got my rental which happens to be a Suburban. I. Love. It. Specifically because my purse fits in its own compartment. I could probably also fit in … Continue reading

October 6th . 2019

Wedding Magic

My bff since 6th grade found her soul mate and I couldn’t be happier. We finally had a wedding to celebrate and we partied, well we partied like we were in college again. I was with her from our 8am … Continue reading

October 1st . 2019

I’ve Outdone Myself Again

I hope that made you laugh. But anyway, we busted out the Halloween decorations last night only to find tons of presents that I somewhat remember purchasing at 75% off post-Halloween last year. We have projectors to shine spooky ghosts … Continue reading

September 30th . 2019

This Week

I have every single thing going on and then some. All the things. I keep checking my calendar and it keeps confirming: ALL THE THINGS. Plus I’ve been staying up late every night watching The Handmaid’s Tale. So yeah, pretty … Continue reading

September 29th . 2019

Coffee Classic Remix

Shout out to this dude who made me giggle when he won this same race last year and said he could now start earning money for the family. Because now the laugh’s on me with his second winning under his … Continue reading

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