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April 15th . 2019

Spring Break 2019 Rental House

Here are some shots of the Airbnb we stayed in. It’s owned by the same family who owns the Retreat house we will be visiting in a few weeks. And while this particular house was in a very dicey neighborhood, … Continue reading

April 14th . 2019

Spring Break 2019!

Yes! I’m finally ready to share this journey with you. Spring Breakin’ in Miller Beach (really Gary) Indiana. Who even knew such a thing could be so swanky and fun? As soon as we parked from our easy 3 hour … Continue reading

April 10th . 2019

Silly Mazzy

Whilst on vacation we found it quite endearing that Mazzy did her favorite activity of napping. She napped on the futon, in her own bed, at the end of the kids’ bed, and right under our bed. I think it’s … Continue reading

April 9th . 2019

Time For A Game Of

Where’s Hadley? You’ll never spot her. (The LEGO sculptures were just one of a million interesting things we saw on our Tour de Chicago) Also, spring travel volleyball has happily begun! Hooray! I feel like a pro at my job … Continue reading

April 8th . 2019

Catching Up

I’m waiting patiently for Jim to have time to share our spring break pics. In the meantime, we got a new neighbor girl who fits right in with the pack. And, Bastien got braces! That’s enough to be excited about … Continue reading

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