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April 20th . 2020

Filling Space

I know someday I will look back and wish I had written more about the time of quarantine and pandemic. So to future self I say, remember how good it felt just to stare out the window, or name the … Continue reading

April 12th . 2020

Easter 2020 Part 1 – Porch Visits

Just like every other day of quarantine thus far, our Easter weekend had it’s ups and downs. But it was fairly joyous, all things considered. Here are a few snapshots of things like visiting and being visited, Easter Bunny style. … Continue reading

April 9th . 2020

Decorating For Mom’s Birthday

We snuck over to my parents’ house this week to decorate the porch for a very special quarantine birthday. It was definitely one of the more exhilarating activities we’ve engaged in within the last month. Hiding from the Ring doorbell … Continue reading

April 6th . 2020

Still Got The Brawn

I planted the idea that Bastien may not be able to climb a rope anymore since it’s been a long time since his last go. He had to get right to making sure I was incorrect. In between a MTB … Continue reading

April 5th . 2020

Quarantine Weekend Roundup #4

Hadley is suddenly driven to earn enough money for an iPad. She cleaned all our bathrooms better than a pro, and the cars we are no longer driving are spic-n-span too. I laughed at myself for making my last unquarantined … Continue reading

March 29th . 2020

Weekend Recap

All I have to say is: Throw the Stick Off the Porch Game and Jim-made vegan cinnamon rolls were the start and finish of my weekend (with a puzzle finish, a Scrabble win, the third week of virtual church, and … Continue reading

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