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June 13th . 2019

Schoooool’s Out For Summer

We made it to the clap out and held back our tears. We watched Bastien struggle with what to do alongside boys who seemed to know how to crowd surf and sing rowdily together. Hadley admitted her sadness, but both … Continue reading

June 12th . 2019

Stanley Cupcakes

Last chance to bring treats to school for his birthday. A stellar opportunity to celebrate the best game on earth. An aunt who can totally pull it off. It’s just the best when all the stars align.

June 11th . 2019

Setting Up For Summer

Two things: When the kids run out of screen time (45 mins) and they’re looking for something to do, they can look no further than the “Expiring Toys” basket. Featuring new old toys weekly! Anything that doesn’t get used that … Continue reading

June 6th . 2019


One time a friend declared this month “Healthy Spoon June” and that has stuck with me for many years. Recently all kinds of signs pointed to me trying vegan eating for a month. Since this month is HSJ I figured … Continue reading

June 5th . 2019

And He’s Off

Fifth grade absolutely flew by. Last days of safety duty complete. And now Bastien’s at fifth grade camp until Friday. I’m equal parts excited for him and wishing he was home already.

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