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June 28th . 2017

Running Camp Recap Day 2

I am seriously telling you, if you got together with some fun friends every day with a plan, a coach, some games, a yoga teacher, and some crafts, you would be in the best shape of your life. Mind, body, … Continue reading

June 27th . 2017

The Pace of Summer

It’s a struggle, but it shouldn’t be; just fully slipping into the pace of summer, which is really no pace at all. Sleeping in. Not hurrying anywhere. Saying yes to frivolous things more often. Noticing the quality of the air … Continue reading

June 25th . 2017

Spontaneous Bike Ride

Bastien wanted to ride bikes to downtown on Sunday. We set off without a plan besides that. We ended up checking out his new school playground, visiting the downtown waterfall, finding a geocache, taking a tour of the Milford Historical … Continue reading

June 22nd . 2017

Living On The Edge

We are not ready to talk about this event yet. In fact, I might never be granted permission from Bastien who explicitly told me not to post anything about the events after the chairlift on Facebook. He also asked if … Continue reading

June 21st . 2017

Scenes From The Week

I cannot even tell you how much love is going on around here right now. Somehow the kids have become best friends again this week and have spent many an hour reading to each other up in the branches of … Continue reading

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