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October 22nd . 2017

2017 Fall Barn Show

Hadley participated in her third fall barn show this weekend. Third already! I tried to talk her into smiling this year but she wouldn’t bite. She knew what she was doing out there on the obstacle course, even if her … Continue reading

October 19th . 2017

Rapt Attention

Jim went into an Escape Room for a work team-building exercise. Here he is debriefing the nerdlets for an hour. You’ve never seen anything like it.

October 16th . 2017

D & C Wedding Prep

What a beautiful gift of love we received this weekend! Diana and Courtney tied the knot! We helped prepare a beautiful space to witness it all happening. Here’s a peek, from sneaky Jim…

October 12th . 2017


Mazzy’s new job is picking the kids up from the bus stop. She looks forward to it all day long. When I open the door at 4:10 now she just runs on down the lane with a purpose, tail wagging … Continue reading

October 11th . 2017

Crazy How Life Works

The 2007 KV Renegades (Bastien’s new hockey team) has been officially placed in a division after several placement games. Well, really one placement game, officially. Which they lost. Just like all of their scrimmage games. Somehow ranking us UP a … Continue reading

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