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December 6th . 2018

Advent Calendar 2018

I have finally discovered the secret of never having a disappointment in the Advent calendar. And it is… not sticking to the dollar a day budget. At all. But truthfully I didn’t go over so very much (more like $1 … Continue reading

December 5th . 2018

Not Gonna Lie

I was pretty proud of my elephants. Well, the first one just appeared. But I was proud of the fact that I could recreate it. I also hope it makes you laugh a little today. That is all.

December 3rd . 2018

He’s a Hustler

Do you ever get tired of seeing Bastien hustle? Because I sure don’t. Pictures below thanks to our goalie’s mom. Who says, and I quote, “Bastien is SUCH a hustler.”

December 2nd . 2018


Calendar’s out. Tree’s up. Elf’s hiding. It’s like we’ve done this a time or two before. I’m reading The Advent of the Lamb of God to Bastien. And recommend! Our church is sending a kid’s Advent devotional which I’m reserving … Continue reading

November 29th . 2018

Birds of Christmas

Speaking of true love, Jim makes me cappuccinos and I mean it, they’re decorated with the birds of Christmas.

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