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March 17th . 2019

I Had A Dream

For the longest time I’ve just wanted to go hang out someplace with a great donut and a mediocre coffee to just basically waste a morning away. Things got way more indulgent than that this weekend when my dream came … Continue reading

March 14th . 2019

Gabrielle Reece

Hadley’s, I mean Gabrielle’s, wax museum debut was flawless. She gave a compelling speech about her life and looked the part, right down to her popped collar MTV shirt and cool Nike capris. BTW, did you know and. Reece was … Continue reading

March 13th . 2019

Little Change Up

Bastien rearranged his room with Jim while Hadley and I were on a date last weekend. I can’t even believe how much better it is. I also can’t believe how his tiny room could support at least three feasible configurations. … Continue reading

March 12th . 2019

Gotta Be Startin’ Somethin’

Wednesday is a big huge day around here… Hadley’s starting Girls on the Run! I can’t even believe it. Here she is, trying on her new Lulu tights for the occasion and stretching a pose. Show off already.

March 11th . 2019

Someone’s Feeling Irish

Courtney gave Bastien this special Irish flag tape job. May the luck be with him for spring season because just one more practice left in the ’18-’19 regular season!

March 10th . 2019

Winter Is Leaving, I Insist

It’s so muddy here right now. That’s how I know winter is almost gone. The mud is infinitely slipper and harder to drive through than the snow. Plus, it’s disgusting. So, I’m digging deep, as I always do this time … Continue reading

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