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December 12th . 2019

Finishing Out The Week

With another picture of my cat’s feet. That’s two in the same week if you’re keeping track. I don’t know what to make of it exactly except it feels really good to be at this point in December and still … Continue reading

December 11th . 2019


I like to think of our place as Monica and Rachel’s apartment. I mean we have hosted so many friends up in here. Never mind that they are always under 13 years old. And it seems like even though Bastien … Continue reading

December 10th . 2019

NYE Family 5K

Who can say how this all got started? But somehow here we are, two days after idea conception, with a website, a logo, an official course, a promo video, a medal design, a whole slew of prize ideas, and yes, … Continue reading

December 9th . 2019

Random Weekend Scenes

Jim has holiday weekend release hours on Fridays now and those 3+ hours make our weekends feel extra epic. Here are some scenes from my camera roll from this last epic weekend, that are so random I dare you to … Continue reading

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