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August 17th . 2017

Walmart For the Win

Bastien spotted eclipse glasses for $1 the last time we were at Walmart. Amidst all the fake glasses controversy as of late, I sure am glad to discover ours are made right here in the USA. Put on your peepers, peeps. … Continue reading

August 16th . 2017

Bird Day

The rain brought out so many birds this week. Some plump robins took turns in the bird bath (photo by Hadley). And a dozen turkeys roamed the yard. I feel offially ancient for how happy this all made me.

August 15th . 2017

Carnie at Heart

Bastien’s new hockey team participated in a little fundraiser last weekend. It was a old-time carnival-type atmosphere. We ran the frog hop game. Naturally it was about the best day of Bastien’s life to-date.

August 13th . 2017


The celebration for Bastien’s 10th has begun! Per his request, we cracked open the trail and had an excellent MTB party. The Trail View Cafe was rocking, finally stocked with the items from its menu: Italian soda, chocolate milk, cowboy … Continue reading

August 9th . 2017

10AM Wednesday Tee Time

Hadley did something really helpful recently and I told her I’d reward her. She picked mini golf for her reward. It was about the most fun we’ve ever had on a Wednesday. On one hole she got a sneaky hole … Continue reading

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