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September 20th . 2018

Bus Update

The kids have a renewed interest in riding the bus all of a sudden which is great since they’ll still be riding it every day and why was there ever any question? The renewed interest is all because they can … Continue reading

September 19th . 2018

Ice Box

Just hanging with my sis on a Wednesday night watching some hockey while she made the real magic happen. This otherwise would have been a super unmemorable preseason scrimmage blowout (not in our favor). Thankfully, the timer was super junky; … Continue reading

September 18th . 2018

Funny How That Works

Today, Tuesday, I was stuck in the middle of a lake in a broken down pontoon boat at 1pm with my MTB crew. It was the most relaxed and joyful I’ve been in a long, long time. Funny. But true.

September 13th . 2018

Happy 14th Birthday, Mazzy

Mazzy started her birthday off by bursting into Bastien’s room to wake him up promptly at 6am – ready to get the party started! This is so out of character for her, we could only imagine she has been taking … Continue reading

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