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January 16th . 2018

We’re Gonna Need More Walls

We’ve steadily been creating a collection in our hallway. All our theJLBs Christmas cards, framed up. I love being able to look at them this way and reflect on the ways we’ve grown and changed and cooperated (and not) over … Continue reading

January 15th . 2018

We’re So Fancy

People. Cirque Crystal is not for the faint of heart. If you mind watching someone stand high above solid ice on a trapeze on ICE SKATES, please do not see this show. Hoo boy it was a treat and a … Continue reading

January 14th . 2018

Gangsta Game Night

Raided the frozen junk food aisle this weekend and had ourselves a good, old-fashioned, three hour game night. If this is not food for the soul, I sure do not know what is.

January 11th . 2018

December Birthdays, 2017

One last thing about December and then I think we can finally call it a year. Live musical entertainment. Lots of cousins and lots of hugs. It must be another Beaubien birthday. Or in this case, three.

January 10th . 2018

New Year’s Eve 2018 (2017?)

Almost done summing up the 2017 holidays! Our NYE was so chill. Especially once we traded a ridonkulous puzzle for one we could actually stand to do before midnight. With a slight pause for a hilarious game of Beanboozled. And … Continue reading

January 9th . 2018

Christmas Evening 2017

Making it to Christmas night doesn’t feel AS exhausting as in the past. Here’s proof that we made it. Physically and virtually.

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