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September 19th . 2019

Personal Escorts

Or Secret Service? Whatever you call these guys, they s-l-o-w-l-y walked us down our driveway on our mad rush to school today. I’m sure they were saving our lives with this act somehow.

September 18th . 2019

Just Sprinting By

To say Bastien came in #1 at his first one mile Cross Country meet that actually happened. First among this throng: With a time of 6:13! On a hot day, with a terrible cold mind you. And then he went … Continue reading

September 17th . 2019

Shifting Into Fall

I’ve never tried this before so late in the year, but this week I decided to hold one last outdoor yoga class. It was lovely. Usually I don’t go past Labor Day because it starts getting dark so much earlier, … Continue reading

September 16th . 2019

Sick Day

Mr. Sore Throat with a cough and runny nose took his first day off from middle school today. It’s amazing that all text books and assignments are online now for such occasions. It took him a good part of the … Continue reading

September 15th . 2019

Port Huron Tourney and More!

We survived the first tournament weekend of the hockey season. But barely. The only redeeming factor was Bastien getting his first goal of the season in the single game of the four in which the Renegades did not get completely … Continue reading

September 12th . 2019

It’s Go Time!

This weekend there’s a hockey tournament in Port Huron AND a bike race in Brighton. I am wildly excited. And this is how Hadley feels about it. Don’t feel too bad for her. She got a 24 hour sleepover at … Continue reading

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