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March 15th . 2018

Mom Goals

It is almost a miracle that I managed to get these onto my window in muddy March. Hope that means all the good luck is coming our way this weekend. Go Renegades!! Go Bastien!!

March 14th . 2018

Hockey Sisters

We are about to head out for an epic St. Patrick’s weekend Tournament at Notre Dame. I’m so glad for Hadley that she has hockey sisters of the same age on this team. I ordered them an Escape the Room … Continue reading

March 13th . 2018

One Of Those Days

From the precise moment the kids got off the bus Tuesday, until the very late time they went to bed it was just… let’s just say it’s fortunate for my kids that I’m currently steeped in Lenten meditation on Christlikeness. … Continue reading

March 12th . 2018

Farewell to the Flow

Sweet relief! After three months I can see Bastien’s face again! And I can’t even believe how broken up Jim is about it. Here’s some trivia for ya… In the hockey world, hair is called “flow” or “lettuce”. Nothing makes … Continue reading

March 11th . 2018

Bastien Vs. United

Playoffs weekend has come and gone. And while we did not win the final, we shared in triumph over something much bigger… justice was delivered to Bastien, who despite his faithfulness and hard work for his OLU team last year, … Continue reading

March 8th . 2018

Stevie Y at the Wax Museum

I certainly had no idea how meaningful I would find the fourth grade wax museum. I am very impressed with kid skills to read and write about and represent a noteable other. It was pure joy for me to take … Continue reading

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