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October 17th . 2019

Sights Around Rhode Island

After a really good night’s sleep we spent our last day of travel taking in a few sights around RI. This included Purgatory Chasm (a huge split in a rock which the ocean caused), breakfast on the shipyard, some shopping, … Continue reading

October 16th . 2019

Newport Half Marathon

After our post-race sink-baths we promptly left Hartford for Rhode Island. To our delight our parking garage had decided to offer free race day parking which meant we actually got ALL our parking time in downtown Hartford for free. Yet … Continue reading

October 15th . 2019

Hartford Half Marathon

I better get writing about my weekend of half marathons before I forget any more details! First stop was Hartford, CT. This race was very huge and very well organized. The start/finish area of the event took over an entire … Continue reading

October 10th . 2019

The New Cousin Time

Cal came over! Our little Calligator, Calahairy, cousin. We watched the Wings together (and celebrated those goals) and read a bedtime story in our spooky pjs (and talked over all of it in our outdoor voice, ahem). And that my … Continue reading

October 9th . 2019

On Record

I need to write this down since it’s a first in history. Hadley wanted to make a little Halloween craft. She said she wanted to wait for my help since “we work so well together” ! !!!!! Do you see … Continue reading

October 8th . 2019

Hero Dirt

That’s what you call it when the MTB trail is in prime condition. That’s what we had today. My giant rental car easily enveloped my bike, the crisp air enveloped my soul, and truly it was just one of those … Continue reading

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