April 12th . 2020

Easter 2020 Part 1 – Porch Visits

Just like every other day of quarantine thus far, our Easter weekend had it’s ups and downs. But it was fairly joyous, all things considered. Here are a few snapshots of things like visiting and being visited, Easter Bunny style. And Easter decorating in its various forms. What is not pictured are the Zoom Olympics where we narrowly missed an ER visit due to a sprinting wipeout. Also a brief Beaubien family zoom. Many rousing games with Grammy over VR on “diffuse the bomb”. And, an all-family House Party sesh to round out the weekend. Also, a very long, but hope-filled online church. Mostly, there was a LOT of food prep and eating, which was particularly notable being 15 days post-grocery shopping. We’ll get up some food pics at a later date because I will never forget the way it truly seemed like manna from heaven!