April 5th . 2020

Quarantine Weekend Roundup #4

Hadley is suddenly driven to earn enough money for an iPad. She cleaned all our bathrooms better than a pro, and the cars we are no longer driving are spic-n-span too.

I laughed at myself for making my last unquarantined public appearance one to buy bird seed. Let me tell you, that’s been the best entertainment I’ve had all these weeks so far, AND makes me get out of bed in the morning because I know they’re all counting on me.

Hadley got a bee in her bonnet to create an amazing mask this weekend and we pretty much spent all of Saturday doing this. Hers is made with Great-grandma B’s fabric scraps bought at Hudson’s in the 1960s!

We had our first family Zoom game night and it was just what the doctor ordered (after we got the bugs worked out, naturally). We also had a grueling but therapeutic 10k run from home followed up by church on the front porch. We’re getting by all right!