March 4th . 2020

That Time We Had A Spousal Meeting

Jim and I sat down with our iPads this weekend and meant business. It’s time our freeloading kids learned their importance in this household and begin developing some marketable real world skills. We call this “Contribution Opportunities” not chores and allowance. Truth: Hadley’s gut reaction to Contribution Opportunities was ferocious anger and denial, even when we told her it meant an increase from her current $1 a week income to $10! But once we stood firm and repeatedly reassured her this was a good deal for her, she finally accepted responsibility. It’s also an all or nothing deal, so everything has to be checked off by Sunday in order to get paid. But so far, so good (yes, a little whining as was expected). I’ll admit it makes me feel a little antsy to have these extra minutes sprinkled into my day. But I have always been a fan of sprinkles and ants.