November 21st . 2019

Blender Magic

I’ve been loving our blender for such a long time. Even though the display hasn’t worked in years, it otherwise never fails me. And now it has leveled up, with the discovery of a squash soup recipe that changed my vegan life! Did you even know you can just roast a whole squash beautifully in the oven without so much as poking a hole in it or slicing it in any way??? Here is such squash, all blended up with soaked cashews (which make it creamy), a roasted onion and some delicious herbs…

(BTW I do recommend that cookbook for anyone you know trying to foray into veganism)

I also just wanted to give a shout out to

my worst best smoothie ever. Worst for appearance, but best for taste! I present you with the oj-blueberry-banana-strawberry-chia-spirulina-needsasexiername smoothie!