October 6th . 2019

Wedding Magic

My bff since 6th grade found her soul mate and I couldn’t be happier. We finally had a wedding to celebrate and we partied, well we partied like we were in college again. I was with her from our 8am hair and makeup appointment (and funny side note, after that my phone, my husband and my daughter did not recognize me and I’m not lying) all the way until the party ended.

I’ve been really stressed for months about the speech I had to deliver at the reception but that actually went perfectly. I owe that little miracle to the fact that our DJ sprang on us one minute before we walked in that we needed an entrance gimmick and I chose a power pose and I’m telling you that thing works! I had confidence for days after that. I will also say that I asked someone to pray for me about my nerves and God is good! I love that I had a chance to honor her publicly with my words.

It was a very joyous wedding in which the groom could not stop kissing the bride (from the moment he first saw her actually) which was sweet and very funny. I am left feeling very content having had the chance to celebrate Alicia and Jay’s love and commitment. And now some beautiful (and also one very crazy eyelash) pictures to remember it by.