June 6th . 2019


One time a friend declared this month “Healthy Spoon June” and that has stuck with me for many years. Recently all kinds of signs pointed to me trying vegan eating for a month. Since this month is HSJ I figured it’s now or never. Or at least not until next June. And I’m proud to say I’ve passed cleanly through a week with no troubles over this decision at all. In fact, I’ve been amazed at how:

  • Guilt-free it is
  • Filling it is
  • Every other vegan around wants to help you out with recipes, meal planners and tips
  • Many many restaurants and coffee shops have solid vegan options
  • How much of the food feels like a treat!

I only planned on doing this for a month to see if my pain and inflammation would subside. But I can easily see how it could be a long-time pursuit.

After this month ends I I’ll report back on at least how vegan eating has affected me to that point.