June 2nd . 2019

Spring Creative

There’s been some making going on around here. Some for fun, some by force. Hadley had to make a poster and dog toys for her Girls on the Run Community Impact project. This was a crazy good success and worth it since they raised over $260 for the new Milford Dog Park! She also had to make her economics day project “Scrunchmarks” scrunchies and bookmarks to “tie up your hair and read a book”. Grammy helped immensely with this project. Hadley ALSO whipped up some amazing peanut butter dog treats with cream cheese and cinnamon frosting in her spare time.

And I finally finished Callahan’s first hockey kit: a knit helmet and hockey socks. That was super fun, but you know how knitting stresses me out and I feel completely ill at ease the entire time until I’m finished. (Bastien decorated some KV hockey gloves to match).

I sure do love how every single thing turned out…