May 13th . 2019

Hadley Turned 10! Milkshake Bar.

Her DIY birthday party was an absolute smash. If we could package it up and sell it, I bet we could immediately retire. I’m going to start by talking about her milkshake bar, because really every party needs to have one of these henceforth. It was an enormous hit (her friends will still be talking about this senior year I’m sure), easy enough and very economical. Especially when you consider that the same milkshakes are selling for $15 a pop in Howell. Jim entirely freaked me out the night before by claiming we didn’t have enough ice cream or milk (he dropped this on me at bedtime after he declared weeks before that we had more than enough so I never gave it another thought). But luckily Jim was wrong. And if you want to know, it takes about 3 scoops per person to make a huge milkshake. Or in this case a half gallon of ice cream and less than a half gallon of milk for 8 girls.

PS. Cotton candy is a MUST. If you don’t have it, don’t even bother with the milkshakes.