May 12th . 2019

But First, Mother’s Day

And I do mean “first.” Six in the morning hockey starts (a win! And last game of the season). I got a white rose and Starbucks breakfast out of the deal, too. I also got fairly agreeable kids all day long. With help clearing dishes and walking Mazzy and so many just plain positive attitudes. It really surprised me what my kids were capable of when they put their minds to it. I also got some fabulous creative coupons from Hadley that include a girls night out, a campout, a spa day and a wild card! While Bastien was out walking Mazzy for me, he found two golf balls and insisted on giving me a back rub with one. It was to die for. I got to see and play fun games (Rat a tat cat and Tenzies) with both my dear moms. Had steak and cherry pie for brunch. Chocolate, poetry and coffee gifts from Jim. Plus all-day chauffeuring so I could finish the amazing book I’ve been engrossed in. And I even made it to the candlelight yoga class to top off the day! You’d think waking up at six on “your” day would be disagreeable, but after seeing all the good that can actually fit into that day, my opinion is forever changed.