May 7th . 2019

Let Me Tell You About A 33 Mile Bike Ride

What do you do immediately after the most exhausting weekend of your life? You wake right up and ride the longest ride of your life. This was our makeup date for our rainout anniversary plans. I would like to say it was so much fun, but truthfully a lot of it was just plain grueling. That is just a long time (over 3 hours) and a lot of hills (almost 1,500 elevation gain) on a bike. The good news is Crust was still fantastic. And we survived. That’s the other good news. Along the way I was thinking it takes about 15 years of marriage (but more specifically 11+ years of parenting) to even begin to have the endurance for this ride. And I’d like to say I’d do it all over again in a heartbeat (this ride). But my butt says definitely not.