December 4th . 2018

Mountain Mama Christmas Party: Granny Gear Edition

Our party this year was epic and I’m not even kidding. We played The Quarter Game for $1 scratch offs and one of our Mamas won the whole thing on a King, while never once having lost a lotto ticket. We will be talking about it for the rest of our lives. Also, gambling in general just made everything next level.

Speaking of next level, we replaced the old fashioned cookie exchange with a “Bonky” exchange (bike emergency gifts under $2). It was fun and useful and most importantly, no one left with diabetes!

Besides all that, I just love these women with my whole heart. They never cease to talk about medical grossities while eating, and that is the truest friendship you’re ever gonna find.

The weather may never permit another bike ride, but gosh darn it that can’t stop us from being the best biking group on the planet.