October 1st . 2018

MiSCA race #4, Lakeshore Park (Tree Farm)

This place is cursed. Officially. It always rains on race day here and Bastien always crashes. This time into the cement sidewalk, which is literally a millisecond of the course. And right at the beginning.

Because we were running around like maniacs to see his positioning entering the woods, we never knew the crash happened. But you can see from the pics below that even his nameplate took a beating.

When he finally emerged from the woods in seventh place we knew something had really gone wrong. Especially because he was sobbing. My heart is still aching a little bit from that. And once he finished he really lost it. It took a lot of non-relatives to calm him down. Also, a trip to the ambulance to check out the nose he had fallen on.

But in the end, he did not lose ground in his series standings. He also had some smiles through the day (particularly during the coach’s race when his coach, dressed like a hot dog, got squirted with massive amounts of ketchup and mustard by the team). And mountain bike people remain the best of humanity. Couldn’t ask for a better support system to pick you up and give you a Gatorade when you fall.