September 5th . 2018

Back to School Groove 2018 100%

School started without a hitch. Well, except for Jim’s camera battery being dead. Otherwise, everything is 100% back in the groove. Bedtime starts at 8:00 this year with lights out at 9:00. Wake up is at 7:30 and the very best part of all is that it is managed by our servant Alexa. She appears punctually in each kid’s room with an announcement to “Wake up” (and in Bastien’s case, “wake up wake up wake up. Wake. Up.”. She announces the weather for the day. She tells a fun fact. And she plays a song or two… Currently, T. Swift for Hadley and “C is for Cookie” for Bastien. Alexa is 100% more patient than I. And most importantly, effective. And school days have never been more wonderful.