August 9th . 2018

Put-in-Bay or BUST

A few weeks ago at my aunt’s we hatched a plan for a day trip to Put-in-Bay. I was under the false impression that this place was raunchy. Friends, it is not. What a lovely midwestern town on an island. It reminded us of many of our favorite sea-side haunts, really. But with the added bonus of golf carts (huge hit)!

The very best thing of all was having so much loving family around all day and feeling exactly like I’d transported back to some of my favorite times growing up. Complete with the junk food table – Twinkies, Ding Dongs, Tootsie Pops and more cookies than you could ever possibly eat.

We left the house at 8am and returned at 9:30pm and smiled profusely the entire time in between. It was absolutely the perfect summer day.