May 10th . 2018


Hadley turns nine Friday. Which is like 53 minutes from right now. I know this because we have been meticulously counting down for a few months. And also because I’m her mom.

Hadley is growing funnier as she ages. This is a wonderful advancement since most of her life she has not appreciated any type of joking whatsoever. But now she makes funny voices from time to time and makes up wild funny stories on the spot, and I really enjoy eavesdropping on all of this.

I also love knowing when her teacher says, “it’s time for math, everyone groans, but I (Hadley) secretly say “yes!”” This is awesome and it explains so much about my difficulties relating to her.

Hadley is having an MTV-worthy unicorn-themed birthday party on Saturday with every girl from her class attending. The bounce house will be making a return appearance. Funnily, if you scout out our house on google maps (or is it apple?) you will see the bounce house in our driveway from last year. I love that somehow our mostly serious, studious, shy Hadley’s vision has us publicly mapped out as the party palace.

Happy birthday to Hadley! What will we do with all our time no longer spent on counting minutes until your ninth birthday?