February 14th . 2018

Cray Cray

You guys. I’m going a little crazy after so so sooo many days of sick kids and snow days. I have not run in a week. Have not been to a yoga class. I barely know how to interact with people who aren’t lying around moaning and asking for water with ice, while another one is whining for me to come out and play.

Valentine’s Day had its bright spots. Time was spent with all my loves. I even got to race each kid down the yard in a sled which was thrilling. And take a long walk with Mazz in the brilliant sunshine. Jim lovingly adorned me with wireless rose gold Beats, which shall forevermore be my favorite earrings. And these were just a very few of the best moments in my day. It is quite crazy to recount this and still recognize how many moments of defeat and frustration I felt in this very same day.

Here’s to tomorrow. And whatever it will bring…