October 31st . 2017

Pumpkin Carving 2017

You know you’ve gone pro when you can set a time limit for your carving party. And even though it stresses everyone out, they all finish in ample time. You also know you’re pro when there is a brochure for your event. Which we had, lovingly designed by Bastien. And maybe you’re pro when there are some real ties for the “silliest” and  “worst” categories. But we have decided to nix the worst category for the future. Cause there’s already enough drama at this event.


(Hadley’s sour lemon face)

(Jim’s: Best)


Diana won Scariest, earning herself a box of ScaryCakes and Brandon/Lewis won Worst, earning themselves an box of edible boogers. Hadley was in her third snit of the night and would not appear with her prize of Silly Face Pop Tarts. She was not snitty enough to forego eating one though.