August 29th . 2017

Back to School Cut

We haven’t gotten Bastien’s hair cut since the first day of summer break. He really liked this as he’s developed some kind of haircut phobia recently. It worked out ok anyway because the extra hair helped block some sun these last months. But we had to get him presentable for school at some point for Pete’s sake, so today I took him. 

He has been specifying for quite some time that he wants his “normal” haircut with “no style”. He looked like an angry cat the entire time he sat in that chair today, let me tell you. Especially when I told the stylist to leave it longer on top.

Hadley said at one point, “She’s cutting it the way he didn’t want her to. He looks handsome. Everyone will like him.”

I’m telling you, this very well could be the best $12.99 I’ve ever spent.