July 31st . 2017

MY Daughter

Hadley got her first piece of solicitation in the mail. I blame it on her recent subscription to American Girl Magazine.

She took it very seriously and spent a good 15 minutes reading it privately. It came with personalized return address labels. So it certainly appealed to the little grownup in her. That’s just how they get ya!

She marched inside and informed me she was using some of her iPad savings to send in. “Please mark $25 or more,” she said.

Her brother argued with her about this decision. After all you could get a fidget spinner or something else instead. (This from the one who is ALWAYS giving away his money). She was firm. “Why would I buy things when I can save an animals LIFE? A life is more important than things. And I can always get money for that stuff later anyway.”

Well then. Twenty five or more it is.