July 9th . 2017

2017 Mailbox Mile

Whew! The 4th really turned epic, didn’t it? I didn’t mean to check out that long. But as I said, whew!

You already know I was a big fan of Bastien’s Just Run Camp. But I haven’t gotten around to recap the finale… The Mailbox Mile.

He had a decent turnout of seven participants. His dream came true; his friend Edsel took first. Bastien invested a lot of personal time into coaching Edsel to fast-ness. He also invested his personal money into a fidget spinner that he desperately wanted to award to Edsel. I’m relieved this all worked out.

Second place, Diana, took home some running-biking-hockey related hydration items. Third place, neighbor Rebekah made out with a Lego watch. And the rest of the places got sparklers. And, oh yeah, Bomb Pops and water balloons for all. Not to mention a raucous awards ceremony with a custom-built stage. I think it’s the best race that ever happened in Milford and we were all pretty pleased with our hosting abilities. Maybe, just maybe, it will turn into an annual thing.