May 29th . 2017


Bastien’s got his heart set on a very pricey new drone. And hoo boy, when that boy gets something in his head, you really can’t get it out. Can not.

He kicked off his fundraising with a 50/50 raffle at the Memorial Day party. I have to admit this was way more party fun than you’d think. Very suspenseful. He walked away with $27, too!

Then he got right down to work hosting an epic Memorial Day lemonade and tea stand. $20 more earned after supplies and paying his coworker (Hadley. Who luckily took a big chunk of pay in lemonade).

Sold his old drone on Facebook. $25 more in the bank.

Yard work for 90 minutes. $15.

This, friends, in a 24-hr span. Somewhere in which he made this spreadsheet.

I did not even know he knew how to make a spreadsheet.

Boy’s got skillz. 

And $50 more to go.