March 6th . 2017

Couple Updates

Not at all related to Bastien’s sweet new pair of running shoes…

Today we had some friends over. The two neighbor girls for Hadley and an old preschool buddy from a couple miles down the road for Bastien.

The preschool friend was so delighted with his dinner here, namely the tangerines, that he gushed and gushed and GUSHED about it. He told me they are his second favorite food and that his best day is when his parents give him a bowl of tangerines, candy, and his tablet and let him spend all day in his room with that stuff. I love this silly boy who made me feel like a most appreciated play date host. They spent the remainder of the evening playing outside barefoot.

The neighbor girls were here all of five minutes when one (you might remember “Bebekah”) chipped her permanent front tooth significantly. And I will never be done being mortified about this.