January 16th . 2017

Tourney Time

We survived our first out of town hockey tournament, folks. Brutal. Fun. Fun? Exhausting! Thoroughly exhausting.

With games that started in the 7s (and the need to be there an hour early to warm up) and then games in the evening, holy cow is that painful. So despite the fact that we walked out with only a tie to boast of, I’m very proud of our team. They played like little gentlemen. They kept their hearts in it. And I KNOW they grew to love the sport and their team in a real way.

Plus, Bastien got his second goal of the season! Apparently he only gets goals at tournaments. He was rewarded with a cinnamon roll (besides his obvious shot of pride) and has big plans for a giant tootsie roll for his next one.

Other notes: As for his fans, we were rock solid even though he questioned our timeliness to every single game. He wins for most out of town fans. And that means we won for the reprieve of a few non-hockey activities (hello, lovely Vivant Brewery Grand Rapids!). Also in pretty sure I lost 50% of my lifetime adrenaline in the last two games they played. Bastien cried out of exhaustion for about an hour when we finally got home claiming he missed his team sooo much. So overall, you just really cannot imagine the exhaustion. Most of us were completely delighted United didn’t make it to the final game truth be told.