December 11th . 2016

Snow Day!

It delights me to no end when school gets called off the day before. This means I can consciously turn off my alarm for the next day (my “timer” as Hadley likes to call it). I have done this already and it is ridiculous how happy it has made me. In that spirit I’ve also…

Made Hadley drink a warm cup of milk before bed in hopes that she will sleep in.

Prepared the wood stove for a first-thing, one-match light.

Prepared a giant pot of espresso to brew immediately.

Prepared a Hearty Oven Chili to pop in the oven in the AM.

Pulled out the beloved CocoMotion.

Put all sleds and snow toys on the porch.

Boots, snow pants, many gloves and hats are all ready to go by the front door.

And I’ve lined up some great in-home yoga and craft projects for moi.

This mid-December, pre-determined snow day might just be the greatest thing that happens to us this month. As you can tell, I’m totes banking on it.