November 29th . 2016

First Hockey Tournament

I know if you’d have asked us a year ago if we would enjoy spending our entire holiday weekend on some freezing bleachers we would have thought you out of your mind. But I assure you, it was SO MUCH FUN! First of all, Bastien got to play at the Joe. He played a classy team that even presented all his team with Toronto pins and a puck (which you can see the coach giving to the aloof Bastien to present to his coach below). 

Five games at three rinks over the course of three days resulted in one goal for Bastien (finally!) and an assist. He even had his name announced for them (which never happens in our league) and it was pronounced in the following very endearing way: Basteen Bo-bon. I will treasure this in my heart forever.

Our boys made it to the final playoff against aforementioned classy Toronto team. But alas they lost (though by much less than we were anticipating). So they brought home the second place Motown Cup and individual medals. And let’s not forget new skills and confidence that lasts forever. It is safe to say we are all excited for the next tournament- in Grand Rapids- in January.