November 10th . 2016


It has been on my heart for quite some time how ridiculous it is that much of our world does not have access to clean water. I mean how can that not grieve you on the deepest level? There are many things I can agree not everyone needs nor am I responsible for providing, but clean water? Come on.

So I’m really hopeful that you, my friends, will step up in honor of my big birthday this weekend and greet me with a gift of just $1-$2 to Charity Water in lieu of any other traditional birthday greeting. It takes only $30 to provide a person with clean water for life! Factor in $10 for credit card fees that the charity will have to absorb for this little project and I think we’ve got this. One person, clean water for life, your gift to me. No card, no stamp, just love! Easy peasy. And just think of the smile in my heart every time I get notified that someone chose to help save a life to honor me for my birthday.

Charity Water is legit, I think you’ll be impressed with their transparency and their commitment to putting 100% of the money donated toward clean water for those in need. Click here for my campaign; I am SO excited see it get funded!

And from the bottom of my heart, I love you too and thank you!