November 6th . 2016

So This Happened

Retreat was completely wonderful. I almost cried when we pulled away this time (which is rare because usually I’m quite exhausted and ready to go home by then.) But you guys, did you even notice the weather? Did you see the sky full of stars? Did you watch the leaves trickle down from that sky, making the most beautiful fluttering sounds? Did you belly laugh by the evening fire? Did you color by the side of the lake and share intimate stories with a new friend? Did you eat meal after meal of the most nourishing food your heart could desire? Did you rock in a glider with your husband at the top of a waterfall while your bones were drenched in sunshine? Did you relish the extra hour of sleep snuck into the weekend? And how about this: did an adorable young deer come and greet you on the porch? Because that’s what my retreat weekend was like. And that my friends is LIVING.