August 31st . 2016

Michigan’s Adventurers

Whew! Whirlwind day to Muskegon and back. Feeling pretty proud that we magically arrived two minutes after opening and rode our last ride (Mad Mouse) four minutes after “closing”! Also I’m extremely surprised and delighted that Hadley, who is afraid of heights, rode everything apart from the one coaster she is not yet tall enough to ride. AND as soon as each ride ended she exclaimed, “I want to ride that AGAIN!” Bastien gave me many high fives for riding everything in the park. It was an enthusiastic day to say the least. Plus, the weather was amazing. And there were so few people, we barely waited once to do whatever we wanted. This day was the spoils for our family yoga class project taught together throughout the summer and I could not have chosen a better reward. An exclamation point to summer if ever there was one.