April 28th . 2016

Small Victories

As I collapse and reflect at the end of another week, it seems like I would feel defeated. Bastien started off this week with a strep throat diagnosis that he’s probably been carrying for months.

That very same Bastien has had behavioral problems at school for months now and for the first time ever he got sent home this week. This is a LONG story in which he horrified his class by announcing I was going to chop off his head and boil it. Having gotten to the bottom of this story, I will forever stand by his side (and my own for that matter) proclaiming innocence. But it is all very wearisome nonetheless.

Let’s add to this week a dog who left our house like a crime scene of mysterious (and disgusting) illness on Tuesday and has since woken us up to let her out repeatedly every night this week. Repeatedly. Every night.

And Hadley is apparently having an allergic reaction to non-biting Larder Beetles that I’ve been finding in her room. Except it looks exactly like she has bites all over her body. So she is just telling everyone at school she has bugs in her bed. Awesome.

Well the thing is I do not feel defeated at all. In fact let me tell you two excellent things I just realized that have come to fruition this week:
#1 Hadley is taking care of her own bathroom hygiene. If you have children under 10 you will know what I am talking about. And you will be relieved with me at the freedom I have instantly gained after 8.5 solid years of attending to these matters.

#2 Both kids have agreed to story time at bedtime followed by one single lullabye and then we (Jim and I) just leave the room. And they (the 6 and 8 year olds)… go to sleep. Yes, like they should have been doing all along all these years.

I suppose what I’m telling you is that I’ve discovered hope and balance. And so no matter how hard it is to see the other side of the big problems we are facing, I also now know about the hope and the balance. So we carry on. Because all is well, or at least will be well, right? And besides, what else can we do but carry on?