April 25th . 2016

Our Passover

I learned a few things in my Bible study recently about Jesus’ usage of the word “cup” in his final hours that really captured my attention. Previously I had no idea it was actually a reference to one of the four cups of the Passover meal. 

Because I couldn’t stop thinking about this unlocked mystery, I decided to just pull together a Seder for our very own for Passover night.

I’ve been to a couple real ones in my day, so I had a good idea of the process. Plus, I found instructions for a Messianic version online that was just perfect for kids Bastien and Hadley’s ages. Admission: I cheated a lot and had Jim pick up gyros on the way home to serve as our lamb. Otherwise it was all very easy and the only other thing I had to buy was matzo (big hit!) and grape juice, of course.

It’s always difficult to sit with our kids at the end of a day but somehow we pulled it off. It was probably thanks to my fabulous singing of the Hebrew prayers if I’m being honest.

If this is at all interesting to you (a Passover meal, not my singing), I highly recommend trying one sometime. It was very educational and thoroughly symbolic. So. Many. Symbols. It actually left me wishing all meals had as much meaning. But I suppose that defeats the purpose a smidge. 

Note to 2017 self…I would absolutely love to do this again.