March 27th . 2016

Milford Easter Dash 2016

I have reached the finish line for a while with the conclusion of the Soul Stretch retreat followed swiftly by the Milford Easter Dash. After months of meetings, decisions, sponsor gathering, aid station organizing, prize arranging, promoting, and social media-ing…Big Fat Phew. I wish I could lay in bed all day, or even week really. But that’s just not in the cards. I can, however, look back on all the amazing successes that God provided for our community and feel very, very happy to have played a part. 

Bastien ran his first 1 mile race, placing 5th overall! I could not keep up with his 9:48 pace. And if he wasn’t concerned about me, he could have most certainly run faster.

My mom took first in her age group! This felt like my finest achievement (which I know is a weird thing to say). But I am just so ecstatic to have been a part in carving the way for her.

Hadley had her first all-day volunteer gig. I know this was a struggle since it wasn’t very involved on her part, and I’m really proud of her for staying in the game.

And so many people I care a great deal about were there supporting our race. People from far away communities… And even far away states! It just made my heart do somersaults every time I saw one of you fine friends!

Thank you times a million to all for your support. I hope you had a fun and most memorable race. And I can’t wait to find out how many thousands of dollars we raised for Community Sharing and report back…