March 20th . 2016

So Pleased

The 4th annual Soul Stretch retreat: Yoga+Hiking in Hocking Hills happened and it was just absolutely wonderful in every way. Well, admittedly the weather was pretty miserable on Saturday. But everyone still chose to brave it and felt all the more fulfilled I think. 

We had the most wonderful, beautiful people in attendance. All so cheerfully helpful and delighted with us and with each other. It was my privilege to be among them. Absolutely. Jim got applause for his meal on the first night. Which is the earliest yet (and always makes him feel awkward).

And the lodge was OUTSTANDING. I just could not get over how inviting the place was. The best we’ve been to and I see no need to find anyplace else. What a gift.

Jim’s pictures are better so I’ll be sharing them later. But here are a few highlights to recap…