February 28th . 2016

Scenes From Snow Days

As much as I love having my kids in school, I was as excited as them for two snow days in a row last week. Especially because they rekindled friendships with a few key neighbors with their all-day play. Times two. Even the neighbor dog Rudder stopped by for a romp with Mazzy, which always warms my heart and takes me back 70 years to when I imagine this kind of thing happened more regularly. I love my country life, and snow days like these are a welcome reminder of just how blessed we really are.

PS. Don’t even get me started about those cookies. All I can say is everyone loved them, never mind they had to be scraped off the sheet. I even got a 5-star review from Bastien for my “cookie crumbles”. And the word must have traveled because the next day the neighbor girls brought over beautiful fresh baked sugar cookies from their much more talented mother.