January 12th . 2016

Let’s Review My Schedule, Because YOU’RE Invited!

Working-wise, this winter is the most full one I’ve ever had. Every day I wake with joy at what is set before me. I invite you to any and all of the following offerings:


Soul Stretch Yoga at Farmington First Presbyterian Church, 7PM. Be warned, it’s a packed house, but I will always make room for you!


Yoga for Cyclists at Hometown Bicycles Brighton. 11AM. Probably the most fun you will have all week. Worth the drive from anywhere! Especially because free professional bike clinics follow each class.


Women’s Bible Studies at Oak Pointe Church Milford. 9:30-11:30AM. For absolute beginners or everyday study-ers. We love you here. Totally uplifting and right where you should be on any Wednesday morning.

Also Wednesday: Soul Stretch Yoga at Royal Oak First United Methodist Church, 7PM. Ahhhhh. This is the reset. You need it.


Peace-full Flow at Oak Pointe Church Milford. 10AM. We get the entire sanctuary/auditorium. I’ll be honest, this intimidated the heck out of me until I realized how amazing and serene it was. And also, this is the only space currently that we aren’t bursting at the seams. So that’s something. Child care here too!

Soul Stretch at Northville First United Methodist Church 12:15PM. I love my lunch bunch enough to give them neck rubs on a regular basis, and we are always thrilled when one more joins in. Will it be you?

Lastly, save the date: March 26, for the Milford Easter Dash family-friendly 1 mile run/walk, 5k and 10k. And complimentary jelly beans! And great prizes. And so much encouragement you can barely stand it. I’ll be planning that on many an upcoming Saturday morning. And after all this, if it’s worth my Saturday morning you know it’s gonna be good.