January 11th . 2016

Sugar Free

You guys. I have not had sugar since December 31. That is 11 days if you’re counting. And believe me I AM. It’s actually remarkable how much less hungry I am every day. And how I never feel ravenous. And especially how I haven’t killed anyone or cried about sugar even one time! Truthfully it feels good to be the boss of my body. 

Ok, when I say “no sugar” I actually mean less than a tablespoon each day, because coffee sugar is a whole nother level I am not in the mood to relinquish. Especially not in winter. 

But now I’m pretty much addicted to popcorn. Eden organic, gmo-free popcorn. With Kerrygold butter. To be specific. It is a worthy replacement! 


 It’s funny how food is so powerful.