December 10th . 2015

Some Gifts

I’ve enjoyed making gifts for my kids in past Christmases. It’s one way I know to show my love. Wooden picture puzzles, library bags and Bible covers from the last few years are still in circulation. And Jim always puts together a picture album of each kid’s life. Little narcissists love this, I assure you.

I’m knitting a little something for Hadley this year but what I’m most excited to give is some time investment gifts.

Last year I gave Bastien printer transfer paper and blank shirts and this was a huge favorite. We had fun creating the shirts together and he has asked for the exact same gift this year. Easy. I also select with him some of his favorite writings to publish in a book. He cherishes this.

I’ll be giving Hadley a mom and me Bible study book with lots of craft and tea party ideas to partake in. I have no idea if she will be into it, but my secret heart has hope. 

I know these details are barely interesting to anyone but me, but I thought I’d write them down to preserve my own traditions. And by all means, if anything here inspires you to make something this year or plan a gift of time together, well, my mission for the season is accomplished.