December 2nd . 2015


For the first time that matters, I’ve contracted laryngitis. It is a ridiculous and impractical thing, this inability to speak. Especially since it has happened on the first day I was to teach yoga at my own Milford church. It was a funny time, just trying to figure out exactly how I would pull off teaching an hour-long class to people who’ve never even practiced before, with a whopping zero percent voice power.

The kids were especially devastated for me. I came up in their morning prayers (unsolicited!) and it was perhaps one of the most touching moments of my life truth be told. It sort of made the whole thing worth it. My lack of voice gave them a voice of petition and a deeper trust in their Heavenly Father. 

Before Hadley got out of the car for school she was desperate for a piece of tape. Turns out she wanted to hang her request on the car window for more voices lifted up to bring mine back.


Due to its mass and everyday appeal, I believe I will make this into a bumper sticker.