October 18th . 2015

Mini-Vacation to Indianapolis: Russell Farms

The long-awaited day finally arrived. The one where we promised to pick the kids up from school promptly at 11:00 and get the heck out of town. They just thought it was so exciting and hilarious that they were only going to be in school until 11:00. I don’t know why that was so pleasing to me. Easy win I guess.
Anyway, we made good on our promise and headed down to Indiana, the land of the long-anticipated half marathon. Along the way, we checked an item off our fall bucket list: corn maze! The owner was so delighted we had come all the way from Detroit(ish) Michigan, she gave us half off our entry fee! We spent about an hour at this darling little Russell Farms, which was just about right. It was a good stretch-out-your-legs kind of adventure. And the perfect start to an October midwestern mini-vacay.