October 11th . 2015

Celebrating 10 Years of Soul Stretch

It humbles me just about every day to acknowledge what I get to do for “work”. And to truly know I work for God and that He blesses what I love to do. It’s an incomparable partnership.

So it’s quite astounding to realize that I’ve been able to do this for ten years now. ! And to think of all the people I’ve had the honor to meet because of Soul Stretch Christian Yoga, well that is for sure the icing on the cake.  That’s why I invited them all out to our house this weekend to celebrate. It’s a day I will surely always remember. 

We did a “ripple yoga” session down my driveway and had a wonderful, Jim-prepared meal on our new patio. Followed by a super yummy dessert bar by the bonfire. It really couldn’t have been more of my own heartbeat in any way. 

The reflection is overwhelming. I am grateful beyond words for where I am in life.