September 24th . 2015

I’ve Got Rhythym

Oh my soul! How much it loves, truly loves, kids in school.

All of a sudden I have these big stretches of time to plan life. To do yoga. To get lost on my mountain bike. To listen to podcasts. To talk to real, live adults!

Some of my current weekly highlights include…

Praying for my family on Mondays while I fold and put away their laundry.

Feeling really loved and valued by other women on mountain biking Tuesdays and Bible study Wednesdays. 

Spending solid, quality adventure time with my kids after school on Thursdays.

Hockey moming on Fridays and Sundays.

And all the yoga teaching in between is like absolutely as good as it gets. People, I wear yoga pants for a living. All of my dreams have come true.

Sometimes you have to not just acknowledge but shout your truth. And today I’m happy to shout, it’s ALL good.