May 5th . 2015

Mountain Surfing

I’m probably not the first one to think this, but mountain biking is kind of like surfing the land. Like surfing, it certainly has its own culture. And that’s why my mind is a little blown that two of my very favorite cultures are soon colliding. 

We’ve noticed this year that our church has a lot of MTB enthusiasts. Yet somehow we’ve never all come together. Last week after service a couple of the guys outright begged me to put together some kind of regular group ride. And who am I to turn down my bros in their state of desperation?

So I put a notice out. And just like all other good things at our church, this good thing is taking off! Like THIS Friday. It’s rad to feel shined upon like this. I don’t know what to do about it exactly but feel grateful. So that’s what I’ll do.