April 6th . 2015

Lenten Recap

This year’s Lent turned out to be most powerful for me. I gave up reading anything besides Jesus’ words in Scripture and listening to anything in the car besides the reading of the Gospels or worship music. I ended up listening to every Gospel twice and studied John pretty thoroughly. This morphed into me teaching about Jesus’ final hours three days a week, every week of Lent and pretty much thinking about Him in everything else that I did. It was challenging and definitely felt like a l-o-n-g season. But not at all unpleasant. If I missed anything during this time it was fiction. And I did catch myself cheating a little bit by reading chapter books longer than usual to the kids. I know.

But I completely noticed a dramatic nearness to Jesus during the past couple of months like never before. His words came echoing back to me when I needed them. I became more confident of my knowledge of and ability to reflect His character. This time really defined for me how to have a personal relationship with God.

What I’m getting at is it felt meaningful.

And because of this, Easter felt so much more joyful than ever before. It was such a happy, happy day. I don’t think I’ll forget it.

Now that I’m free to dive back into secular literature or explore the radio with reckless abandon – I’m hesitant. I can’t even believe it because I was feeling pretty deprived by the end. And I’m sure some book will cross my path soon that I will be drawn into. But for now I am content to keep meditating.

I just wanted to record this to inspire myself next year and to mark my progress from here. And if you’re looking for a Lenten idea for next year, you can take my word that this one is tried, true and very good.