April 1st . 2015

Holy Week Yoga


Wednesday night we tried something new to Soul Stretch Christian Yoga: live music with a devotional class. People, it was so cool. And it packed the house. The musician, Ashley Peacock, (who is a friend of teacher Jes) had the most beautiful, pure voice. He worked flawlessly in sync with Jes who herself put hours of prep into her Stations of the Cross message and yoga flow (and it showed). At a couple of points in the class she had us all holding hands to hold each other up and symbolize carrying Jesus’ cross with Him. It was powerful yoga like I’ve never experienced. I am so happy about the way we represented yoga from a Christian perspective. And I feel especially blessed to have been a part in offering up a pool of gifts that truly glorified God tonight. My heart is ready for Good Friday, and excited for Easter.