December 14th . 2014

Printables for Advent

You know I’m always trying to get this little Advent calendar of ours just right. I’ve spent years in fact, trying to figure out what the heck to put in it that won’t feed too much into the commercial side of Christmas, and will bring joy to all the days celebrating the anticipation of Jesus.

Admittedly what has been in our calendar has not been all that Jesus-y this year. But much of it has inspired thoughtfulness, togetherness and love. So I thought I’d share with you some activities I’ve printed out and put before the calendar (since they are too big to actually put inside it) that the kids have enjoyed. Maybe they will be fun things for you to do with your kiddos during school break.

Like these adorable paper dolls, for example. (Which would have been just perfect on St. Nicholas Day!)

This M&M wreath was fun and didn’t even cause a meltdown. (Neither did they melt in our hands – doh!)

This snowman countdown clock was the very first activity and has been a favorite.

This Christmas cookie play set hasn’t been given yet. But I thought it was super duper cute.

And lastly, a game. Which is also sneaky learning time.

I admire the talented moms who make these. There are TONS of creative and beautiful free printable activities online. I hope they bring you joy too.

PS. The other thing the internet has been immensely helpful for is finding a Christmas joke/riddle a day, which is a favorite tradition and actually does fit inside those teensy Advent calendar doors.