February 23rd . 2012

52 New Recipes: Nutty Sweet Potato Waffles

From the lovely Simply In Season cookbook again (buy it for yourself already!). I noticed we had three sweet potatoes in our produce bowl and thought they must be a hint from Jim. So I looked up sweet potato recipes and this one sounded almost passable for something our kids might eat – and really tasty for me, either way. Plus, since we’ve given up most gluten, it was a great chance to dust off our waffle maker.

As the name implies, the recipe obviously called for nuts; I used pecans. And also a few macadamias for good measure. I also tried out a new gluten-free flour by Namaste called “Perfect Flour Blend”. It was indeed perfect!

Admittedly, I was surprised at how many bowls and utensils this recipe dirtied in the making. Especially considering there were only two steps written in the recipe! But it was like baking, which I love to do, so it was worth the bother.

And, drumroll please… It. Was. Delicious. Truly waffles for adults. Savory, sweet, nutty, perfect. And I even tricked Hadley into eating a whole one. So, into the book it goes.

May your weekend be as good as my new favorite waffles…
PS. I highly recommend sprinkling cinnamon on top.