August 24th . 2009

PaperBack Swap

What started out as pretty much a disaster, has really shaped up to be about the best thing that’s happened around here lately.

Whilst we were clearing out the basement to make way for Jim’s new photography studio, we were left with a couple odd stacks of paperback books. No charity wants them, but it seems so wasteful to just toss them in the recycling bin (and who am I to insult another writer like that anyway?). But then I found

Very easy to use, you just create an account, punch in the ISBN off the back of the books you want to get rid of and viola! you have free credits with which to pick new books. Better still, they get shipped directly to you. Fun! Well, it was fun until suddenly EVERYONE wanted my books all at once and I was up packaging them all night and postage was like a million dollars (well $17 if I’m being honest). But still, it got a little hairy there for a minute.

But then the insanity subsided and I was finally able to start looking for some new books we might enjoy.

Mostly what I’ve picked out so far have been children’s books. What is so great about this is that the mail arrives right before Bastien’s nap time, which makes it extra enticing for him to get right down to the business of getting in bed to hear the new material.

Our favorite PaperBack Swap book so far is No Nap Today, a Little Golden Book written by Iris Hiskey and illustrated by Karen Dugan. It came after a week of full-on nap-rejection (ouch!) and ever since, I swear to you, naps have been seamless. To the order of, I have to wake Bastien up for fear that he will never go to sleep again that night. That is one great book I tell you.

And oddly enough, it is out of print. So you can only find it in places like PaperBack Swap anyway. And no, I’m not getting paid to tell you this. But one of these days all this hyping’s gonna pay off. I can feel it!